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Partymasters own parties where the protagonist can show off his wealth by distributing his coins. They will attract many famous guests through their popularity and explore other party venues.

Partymasters offer a fun experience when you join parties with many guests and show how rich you are. You will collect a certain amount of stars after keeping the guests happy and continue to upgrade to attract other famous guests. At the same time, the number of party venues is entirely diverse, and they will introduce new ways for you to distribute money.

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Partymasters – Fun Idle Game


In Partymasters, the player will take the role of a character possessing large amounts of money and go to many different party locations. He will have a hobby dropping money in front of attendees to show off his wealth. So this is necessary when you can attract many guests to come and surprise them. The gameplay you experience is completely accessible, and you will find the party atmosphere full of excitement.

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You will see the main character with many spectators and guests invited to the party. The work that you need to do is to repeatedly click on this character to perform the process of distributing his money to the audience below. At the same time, you can completely satisfy the participants and collect a certain number of stars to maintain your wealth and fame in the parties you join.

Partymasters – Fun Idle Game Partymasters – Fun Idle Game


As mentioned above, you will constantly tap the screen so that the main character can do his job in Partymasters. Every guest has a specific satisfaction bar that you can see, and each time your money is spent, the bar will decrease until it reaches zero. Therefore, you will press as quickly as possible to collect more stars, and this can be considered a resource to help you attract more famous guests to your party.

The number of stars will be used to help you spend money faster as the value for each tap will increase. So this will help you get to know the guests better as they will constantly appear in front of you, and you will be able to go to different levels. Some levels will help you collect more stars when 2 people can join the party simultaneously. At the same time, you can also fully reach the VIP guests in this game.

Each VIP guest has the same characteristics as regular guests, but they will require a period, and you need to spend a lot of money in that time before they leave. Also, as you fill-up the money bar at the top of the screen, your money multiplier increases.

Partymasters – Fun Idle Game Partymasters – Fun Idle Game


You can take advantage of the Partymasters bar to attract more guests and help you access a new level. These levels will take place in different locations, and it also introduces you to several ways in which you can spend money. Besides paying by hand, you can also use other devices such as a catapult. These items will allow you to launch more money for some time and then return to the traditional method.

A party with many guests is a place where you can show off your wealth:

  • You will join a rich character to participate in various parties and distribute money to please others.
  • Guests are indispensable people and will feel happy to receive your money and leave a certain number of stars.
  • The number of guests you meet will increase and give you enough resources to upgrade some elements in the game and welcome VIPs.
  • There will be a money bar located on the screen that will be filled up over time and help your money value increase exponentially.
  • You can go to other levels, unlock party locations, and access new ways to distribute money.

Partymasters v1.3.23 MOD APK (Unlimited Coins) Download

Download (71M)

Download (71M)

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