Download PC Creator PRO v2.3.2 APK + MOD (Free Shopping)

PC Creator Pro APK is an improved version of PC Creator. In this game, you may play as a PC builder, a mining farm owner, and a computer store owner.

PC Creator PRO – PC Building Simulator Game is a game that allows you to become an expert in computer equipment that you have been dreaming of for a long time. If you have a hobby of building PC sets for different computer systems then this game will be the right place for you. Coming to the game, you will be able to take on many different tasks from a computer installer to a large electronics store owner.

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PC Creator PRO – PC Building Simulator Game


If you are familiar with this game, you may have heard of the free PC Creator version. Unlike the free version that anyone can experience, with this game, only players who are really interested in the game theme can start. And since this is the Pro version, players will receive a lot of different advanced features that are constantly being updated to improve the player’s experience.

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The first thing to mention will definitely be that you will not be interrupted by the game because of the ads. Since with the Pro version you will have to pay the previous fee to play, there will not be any ads that will be inserted into your experience. At the same time, you will experience new features such as New Building Design, Battles, Exchanging updates, Interaction Games, New Operating Systems, New rooms, New stickers, and many more.

PC Creator PRO – PC Building Simulator Game


True to the theme of the game, PC Creator PRO will be a game for players who want to install the perfect PC sets. Many people who want to buy a computer think that buying ready-made computer sets will be extremely quick and convenient. But if you are really passionate about building your own PC, it will certainly be one of the great experiences.

To be able to build a perfect PC set, the first thing you need to pay attention to will definitely be the tasks that you will use with them. If you only need a computer to perform office tasks, the configuration will not be too powerful, but the storage memory will need to be paid attention to. But if you want your computer to be both for work and for entertainment and gaming, the processor’s configuration will be very important.

PC Creator PRO – PC Building Simulator Game


And to be able to build a PC set to your liking and according to your work, a PC builder will need to have a variety of supporting devices. Understanding this, the game has prepared a lot of different suitable electronic components with many different uses for players to choose from. You just need to determine the exact purpose of use, then you will find the right components.

This variety of ready electronics can be seen as an advantage for you to be able to build a PC kit quickly. The different parts of the PC kit from case boxes with many shapes, main processors, cooling systems, RAM systems, memories from HDD to SSD,… All of them are available with many of the world’s leading brands for you to research, install and preview, if you feel they don’t make sense, you can easily replace them.

PC Creator PRO – PC Building Simulator Game

Becoming a professional PC builder would be the dream of many people, but they are not able to achieve it. Coming to PC Creator PRO, your dreams will come true quickly and easily. The game will allow you to become a PC builder, room designer, and owner of a computer shop to be able to work with your favorite electronic devices.


  • Ask for help or share it with other players in the game’s public chat. It also allows you to enter contests and win rewards.
  • Playable on Linux, Mac and Windows. We tried to make the entire thing plausible. Don’t lose time and train with us now to prevent problems later.
  • Because PC Creator Game is so realistic, it’s a great method to learn how to repair and improve your PC. The best way to build a computer from scratch. Our game also teaches you how to repair and clean your PC.
  • Completing clients’ commissions throughout the game. Work gets you experience and money. Purchasing modern office and service center equipment will grow simpler with each subsequent assignment.
  • The Pro edition of “PC Creator” offers an unbelievable quantity of information. More computer components await. Envision loving this game while ignoring them.
  • PC Creator Pro lets you build a computer from scratch, from picking hardware to installing software and testing games. So you can install the OS, drivers, games, and apps on a 3D PC. You can also make an AR PC.

PC Creator PRO v2.3.2 APK + MOD (Free Shopping) Download

Download (117M)

Download (117M)

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