Download Penly v1.19.4 APK (Full Paid, Patched)

Penly v1.19.4 APK (Full Paid, Patched)

Penly Mod APK – Taking notes, editing PDFs, using digital planners, annotating PDFs, and using a notepad and journal.

The application allows for natural handwriting to be performed by using a Bluetooth stylus. You can also type text with a keyboard and choose from several pen colors, widths, and styles (including ballpoint and fountain pens). The application can be customized by including stroke/fill forms. It is quite useful to have a highlighter/underliner pen with a snap-straight tip. The colors of the pen, highlighter and text can all be changed by revolving the color wheel. You can delete entire categories of data with the help of our clever eraser. It is straightforward to insert images into the document, such as photographs. This tool allows you to rearrange, resize, rotate, and group objects. You have the ability to reverse your actions if you make a mistake.

The digital calendar includes monthly, weekly, and daily calendars that are all linked to one another for your convenience. The dates can be changed to meet your requirements. Other types of paper available for purchase included plain paper, dotted paper, lined paper, and grid paper. You have the option of choosing between black and pink. The design takes into account both portrait and landscape orientations. This is exactly what you need to get your life in order. The application can import any PDF-formatted file. Active links allow users to navigate imported PDFs, and users can add their photos to use as backdrops. If you save your file as a.penly or.pdf file, it will become portable and editable.

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Personal hyperlinks are permissible in any document. Any text or image can be converted into a clickable link that takes you to another page or website. Select any image folder to import all of the images included within it into the app’s sticker library. You can also arrange images and create sticker sets within the stickers panel. Stickers are a quick and easy way to add a unique touch to your documents. Stickers are a feature that may be accessed within the app. You may better organize your paperwork by using folders and subfolders. It is able to delete, rename, copy, and relocate files. When you visit a website, it will automatically take you to the most recently visited page.

Penly v1.19.4 APK (Full Paid, Patched) Download

Download (40M)

Download (40M)

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