Download Phantom Rose Scarlet v1.3.30 MOD APK (Unlimited Diamonds)

Enter the land of darkness with Phantom Rose Scarlet Mod APK. Create a powerful deck and make the right choices with racing into the dark. Transform into Reina and explore her life. It is cowardly to wait for news about the demons. To sit idle while you are in exile is disgusting. In the land of darkness, there will be many scary traps. Will you be able to pass safely and become the future savior? Reina is waiting for you. Do not hesitate because you should understand that demons will come to you when night falls. I can’t escape anymore. Stand up and fight to turn the darkness into light to rescue the servants manipulated by the hordes of funds.

Phantom Rose Scarlet is an engaging card game. The story begins in a gloomy place called the land of darkness. Demons are taking over the land and manipulating people. You will play Reina, a fearless and intelligent maid. She did not hesitate to follow and infiltrate the dark base of the demons to rescue her friends. But she alone cannot gain the upper hand; she is in dire need of your help. You’ll have to dig into the stories to find the guiding cards. Use the cards and items you collect to win against the evil demons.

Phantom Rose Scarlet has a regular card form. Before each level, a deck of cards will be arranged according to your custom. Your task is to dynamically use the number of cards to win against the power of the demons. Enter a few words into Reina to get through the scary story in the demon world. From there, you will get important clues as well as receive associated rewards. Embracing the power of a magical deck will give you the confidence to gain the upper hand in the face of demons. But you need to add some calculations to be completely successful. Train your mind and improve your deck. This is the key to defeating the demons.

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Phantom Rose Scarlet v1.3.30 MOD APK (Unlimited Diamonds) Download

Download (292M)

Download (292M)

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