Download Piffle v4.501.19654 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Piffle is a delightful and suitable entertainment game for you to experience. You will accompany cute cats and use them as weapons to break blocks.

This will be a super attractive and attractive game with just a few simple operations; players will perform the game’s tasks and find ways to destroy obstacles as quickly as possible to escape for the poor dog.

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If you love arcade games full of life and related to animals, then Piffle will fulfill all your needs. Like other arcade themes, you don’t need to shoot marbles to break bricks, but experience with adorable cats. Starting the game, you will be an adventure to the world full of colors; your task is to control the cat and align exactly on the squares to break them. The game is not too difficult to control, but it still needs high precision to break the blocks above.

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Piffle Piffle


Piffle will not require you too many complicated skills, but at higher levels, you still need to prepare agile operations to be able to pass. Besides, creating smart tactics includes choosing good shooting angles to make sure to break the target. Plus, you have to shoot continuously and as much as possible to get combos and win higher scores. In addition, after completing each level, you will receive new Piffle balls, and you are allowed to use them when facing high challenging levels.


To conquer the goal of this game is not easy, and Waffles dog is still waiting for you to come and free. The evil boss Doc Block will not let you rest for a moment, so you must quickly break the barriers to free Waffles. Through which the player needs to find ways to destroy the boss and his accomplices by aiming the most accurate shot at the colored squares. Moreover, you will be free to experience with your friends and challenge them to create a fun playground.

Piffle Piffle


  • Experience a lively and colorful puzzle game; if you love animals, especially cats, this is the game to meet all your needs, start puzzles and conquer challenges
  • You will accompany the lovely cats and use them as weapons. Your task is to aim at the colorful blocks above and break them all accurately.
  • With simple gameplay, you just need to swipe the screen to control and observe which position is suitable to shoot, quickly complete the mission to rescue Waffles
  • Piffle uses simple gameplay, but there will be many levels waiting, and in the next levels, you need to take advantage of skills and agile manipulation to pass.
  • You will be free to experience with your friends or challenge them to race to score; if you are looking for a fun puzzle game, this game will not disappoint you.

Piffle v4.501.19654 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download

Download (103M)

Download (103M)

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