Download Pinatamasters v1.3.12 MOD APK (Unlimited Gems, Ammo)

Pinatamasters is Playgendary’s loveliest, newest mobile game. Take control of the character to blow up Pinata and collect the most impressive coins.

Pinatamasters is a game inspired by the Pinata mascot from Mexico. People here believe that receiving gifts from this animal will attract the most fortune and luck. Load bullets and shoot them to destroy Pinata and get as many coins as you can.

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Unlike other action-adventure games, the goal in Pinatamasters is not ferocious beasts but the destruction of Pinatas summoned beast. It is made of scrap, ceramic, or fabric and is filled with sweets and cute toys inside. During festivals in Mexico, people have always taken advantage of every opportunity to receive gifts from Pinata because this will be a source of luck and fortune. This is also your task, defeat this animal with a weapon and collect enough coins to move to the next level. Touch the screen to attack and move; the summoned beast will always hover above your head.

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In the game, move and aim accurately at Pinata. The manufacturer only provides a certain number of bullets corresponding to each type of combat weapon in the game. So, moving quickly will help you save ammo and complete the round as soon as possible. There is a Pinata status bar at the top of the screen that will let you know the status of the mascot. So let’s calculate each bullet to pass the fastest round. The mascot will explode when the horizontal bar is filled and give you thousands of lucky coins. This is the time to win and complete the round.



The reward after each level is always what you care about and expect the most, right? It’s lucky that the coins in the Pinatamasters game are endless. The simple thing you need to do is reload and attack. For every amount of coins you earn, please consider and use them for a good purpose. Weapons and strength are two important factors that make up a character’s strength. Always upgrade to conquer stubborn and stubborn Pinatas at higher levels. And it will be great when the sounds and images in the game are always lively and fun. Each movement and transformation in the game screen will always have a corresponding sound.


Simple and easy were the first thoughts at the start of Pinatamasters, but you’d be wrong. Later, the challenge will be more and more evident in Pinata’s persistent vitality; you have to spend more bullets and energy to conquer this animal. Although full of entertainment, the challenge factor is always put on top. Because the harder it is, the more you will want to conquer. Do not be discouraged in a hurry! Because every effort pays off, the more complex the Pinata is to conquer, the more valuable the coin is. Difficult to test humans to attack and capture many summoned beasts to increase vitality and wealth.



In traditional festivals, people often hit Pinata with sticks, but it will be a little different in this lovely game. There will be a collection of ultimate weapons for you to choose and use wisely. Combat power and ammo are limited in each weapon, depending on the player’s goals. To increase your strength and upgrade the number of bullets as much as possible. They will be your effective assistants in the next levels. What to do to upgrade? It’s time for coins to come into play. Axes, katanas, shotguns, or even grenade launchers or plasma guns all depend on your money.


It won’t be easy to upgrade every weapon and ammo in stock. However, this is a required element to complete missions and level up. In special confrontations, Pinata will be protected by a magical shield. Your task is to knock this shield away to reach Pinata. A normal pistol would not be able to handle this difficult task. So upgrading power, ammo, and equipment are mandatory. Unlock new weapons or upgrade existing ones in stock. However, the Pinatamasters game will be fun when you have a really diverse and flexible collection of attacks.



  • Country-inspired Pinatamasters full of fun and fabulous cultures enjoy a relaxing moment from the game’s lovely storyline.
  • Lucky mascot Pinata will be the only target in this game.
  • Depending on the ability and level you conquer, the number of coins will increase significantly.
  • Highly challenging with a mascot shield, the difficulty will be doubled in these rounds.
  • Weapons are advanced and extremely rich; please upgrade and use them!
  • Dexterity, flexibility in fighting, and a smart investment are always decisive factors to win.

Pinatamasters v1.3.12 MOD APK (Unlimited Gems, Ammo) Download

Download (69M)

Download (69M)

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