Download PinBall Magic v1.0.07 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Attack Multiplier, Menu)

During this roguelike journey, you play the role of a young wizard who is just starting out.

When a novice mage acquires a Magic Stone, the action begins. The many magical properties detailed on the magic stone will aid you in your task. Pinball is a shooting game in which you shoot mystical stones. You’re in for an exciting game of pinball. You play as a novice magician in this roguelike game. Don’t be too quick to choose your skills. If you fail, you must begin again.

The game includes a monster pinball mode in which monsters compete against one another. The more complementing pins you have, the better your skills. The game’s controls are simple, and the battle is exciting. When you throw the ball, it will immediately begin attacking. Feel the adrenaline thrill of tossing items and fighting in warfare. What happens if the ball bounces are anyone’s guess. The adrenaline rush in “Pinball Battle” is real. At each stage, a new layout appears on the pinball table. Different balls necessitate different moves. Use the different powers of the balls to your advantage, and you’ll rapidly progress through the game.

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There is a meteor shower, a lethal lightning strike, an ice trap that quickly freezes an opponent, and so on. There are numerous inventive methods for eliminating the opposition. The rebounds of the ball do not follow any pattern. Increase your enjoyment of pinball. The secret to defeating the monsters is to enter the boundless stage. They will discover newfound vigor on this never-ending stage. A unique roguelike in which your combinations never stop, and your foes explode due to your attacks. Pinball matches are entertaining and exhilarating and may be played at several levels of difficulty. When fighting a formidable boss, you can bring a limitless amount of loot into the fight. Obtain some of the game’s well-known weapons and armor parts to give your character an advantage. You’ll be towering tall with a daily dosage of diamonds and firearms in no time.

PinBall Magic v1.0.07 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Attack Multiplier, Menu) Download

Download (39M)

Download (39M)

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