Download Pixel Survival Game 2 v1.99914 MOD APK (Unlimited Diamond)

Pixel Survival Game 2 combines survival and combat. The initial task will be easy, but as the game goes, it will get more challenging. Enjoy creating gorgeous 2D technologies!

Pixel Survival Game 2 returns with the renewed story of a lone warrior and the toughest challenges. Various missions that are sent from the mailbox, such as collecting wood, combining items, and fighting with enemies, will be challenging at first. Besides, it is essential to be mentally prepared to face giant monsters. What will you do when you encounter bosses at the end of the game? Prepare a stockpile and a bag full of items to face it!

Pixel Survival Game 2

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Pixel Survival Game 2 only allows up to 4 players to participate in offline matches with a limit on numbers. As the stories begin, they will have to go on exploratory journeys. Each land that is set foot on will have different secrets and bloodthirsty monsters to welcome you. Hundreds of challenges and replacement items appear, cut down trees and collect items for the dangerous series of days to come.

Pixel Survival Game 2


The story will be more enjoyable when you have a few companions in Pixel Survival Game 2. The system will assist in finding monster eggs. They are hidden in different locations, and you need to collect them in a bag. The time to successfully hatch the beasts is determined by the type of power they possess. Gather and upgrade the chain of activities to become a warrior to support you in battles.

The appearance of the item collection will make this journey more straightforward than ever. When you create unique combinations between them, you have more new weapons to fight monsters. They will be used in different modes. Specifically, you will experience three modes like the arena, with realistic arenas and strong opponents. For the survival mode, you will have to go through life in the deep jungle with the continuous attack of monsters. Finally, the exploration mode exploits the remaining aspects when you are free to explore this mysterious land.

Pixel Survival Game 2


Lots of different traps designed in various forms make this fun more difficult. Pixel Survival Game 2 is a series of challenges for your survival. Organize monster hunts to earn more coins and rewards for killing them. Players can revive sleeping bosses and fight them. Combining different items will create weapons in many forms, significant damage, and new lists with unique recipes.

Pixel Survival Game 2

The mysterious chests that are opened as you explore this land come in many forms. For a silver chest, rare items will gather here, and your chances of owning them will be higher. The golden chest contains equipment and cards to increase the luck of opening the chest. At another higher level, you will receive the opportunity to strengthen and show strength when doing solo battles.

Pixel Survival Game 2


Pixel Survival Game 2 opens a series of complex tasks for any player participating in this campaign. With unique innovations, this will be the most memorable trip. Do base building work with survival mode. Confront other players’ tactics in the arena mode and do an excellent job of killing monsters with the adventure mode. Quests will be played regularly in the mailbox, and worthy rewards will be given to you for completing them!


  • Go on the terrifying monster hunting trip of the mysterious 2D world.
  • Challenge yourself in different modes like arena, survival, and exploration.
  • Item collection with unique combinations to create exceptional weapons.
  • Traps and challenges from monsters, opponents, and bosses make exploration difficult.
  • Find companions from collecting and hatching monster eggs.

Pixel Survival Game 2 v1.99914 APK + MOD (Unlimited Diamond) Download

Download (60M)

Download (60M)

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