Download Plague of Z v2.14.1 MOD APK (One Shot Kill)

Plague of Z promotes teamwork when offering to recruit dozens of survivors in the great spread of the terrifying zombie epidemic.

Plague of Z allows players to join the battle with zombies, where you will perform the task of freeing survivors and recruiting them to your squad. As the number of members increases, you will continue with the duties of a commander. From your safe position, kill any zombies you see. Many types of weapons will become a great choice to experience. The story from the ruined city will spread to the great aid sources nearby.

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Plague of Z


The world is in danger of extinction with a widespread outbreak of a terrifying zombie epidemic. Plague of Z presents it in the ruined city where you live and fight in the time to come. Survivors are looking for help. It’s time for players to show their fighting ability. When facing the most exceptional situations, you need to have timely handling. The commander needs to assemble the squad and recruit the survivors.

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Plague of Z


When standing aloft and observing the escape routes of zombies, Plague of Z allows you to use the included scope. It will make it easier for you to observe the most minor details. A survivor is trying to escape the siege of zombies. Your gun continues to work and help get the mission done. Hundreds of different types of guns displayed in the ammunition store will help make a choice more diverse. Combat ability is also based on each participant’s skill and battlefield experience.

Plague of Z


As one of the survivors, you play an important role in the Plague of Z. Everything is going badly. In each match, you need to rescue a lot of other players; they are having trouble moving because zombies surround them. Complex challenges will gradually improve, so many skills are essential when fighting. The achievements recorded in the table include the excellent commander and the warrior who killed the most zombies.

Plague of Z


Plague of Z and the ongoing intense battle on the ruined battlefield will last until all zombies are defeated. As the leader, you will have to control the spread of diseases, stop their attacks and always be ready to destroy anyone who comes near. The highest goal in the game is to form a community of survivors and fight this dangerous disease together.

Plague of Z


  • Players become powerful commanders when successfully rescuing hundreds of survivors from the epidemic.
  • Take control of the area around the base by keeping watch and being ready to confront an army of zombies.
  • Free and collect those who are still alive, train them so that everyone has the ability to become brave warriors.
  • Complete matchmaking missions, fight as a team and improve your performance with new feats.
  • Raise your position in the rankings with new positions, including powerful commander and best warrior.

Plague of Z v2.14.1 MOD APK (One Shot Kill) Download

Download (104M)

Download (104M)

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