Download Planta v2.5.0 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

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Planta v2.5.0 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Planta is an application that helps users set up tree care plans. You can add information about your plants, receive notifications and stay updated on the most appropriate care measures.

Planta provides a delightful experience with plans and reminders related to crop status. Users only need to enter information associated with the type of tree they are taking care of, planting time, and growth process will be displayed. The application can remind you with notifications such as time to water your plants, fertilize or chat with them. The different stages will be recorded and completed into an exciting growth map.

Planta – Care for your plants Planta – Care for your plants


Planta always develops the version in a new direction and is ready to update the most notable features to create attraction for users. As for the care algorithms present in the calculation, the system will improve accuracy. In the new menu for plants, users can add further information about soil type, drainage level, or pot size. The necessary information is ready to be displayed on the screen when your command is given.

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As an application that cares about the development of plants, Planta has exciting features. Among them can be mentioned the appearance of specific instructions on how to care for plants. Each type of tree entered into the system will have a corresponding record to update its correct information. The system will soon offer a unique care guide for you by providing a complete plant information sheet. A default set of alerts will always remind you of the time to water your plants, chat and spend time with them.

Planta – Care for your plants Planta – Care for your plants


Planta’s intelligent recognition system surprised everyone when the system could identify information about a tree species through a live image. You can put them in the frame for spaces with green plants to check the appropriateness—information such as humidity in the air, duration of sunbathing, harmful rays, and more. In addition, an actual magazine on the care of each plant will soon be available to you.


Planta will also update more plant tracking features to create the most user-friendly space. Necessary changes to care plans, reminders, and other tools will be available soon, and users can refer to specific instructions to better care for the plants entered. The tester will allow you to know more about the appropriate light index for the plant and the range of changes in humidity in the air.

Planta – Care for your plants Planta – Care for your plants


  • Join the plant care community by installing applications, updating information, and continuously following special care instructions.
  • Receive many articles on tree care from the system, record the tree’s development and create the most accurate growth map.
  • Identify indicators affecting plants such as light, sunlight, or humidity in the air. Users quickly find the right location to plant.
  • Quickly scan plants through the camera without spending a lot of time determining the tree name, growing day length, and growing period.
  • All information related to plants is updated, and users can create a post about the process of taking care of plants.

Planta v2.5.0 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) Download

Download (12M)

Download (12M)

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