Download Pocket Bees: Colony Simulator v0.0057 MOD APK (Worker Speed, God Mode)

Pocket Bees: Colony Simulator Mod APK – Gather resources, work on improving your base, train an army, and do battle with other players!

Pocket Bees: Colony Simulator puts you in charge of a cute digital hive of bees and allows you to raise them. Ariel Games created both the Pocket Bees and Pocket Ants games.

Bees’ typical duties include protecting flowers from wasps, gathering pollen and nectar, and converting pollen and nectar into honey, wax, and royal jelly, respectively, in the same vein as capturing birds, spiders, and murder hornets to stage a match in a blood sports arena. The vast majority of your loot will be used in PvP battles. The quality of your hive, which can be improved by gathering resources, determines your ability to summon stronger bosses and increase the stats of those you already have access. The quality of your hive also influences your ability to improve the stats of the bosses you already have access to.

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Then, to harvest propolis, engage in PvP combat. This resource is required to install the most powerful upgrades, making scavenging for resources and engaging in combat easier for your bees and other critters. Even though there are only five different creatures to choose from, the game becomes much more strategic when played against an opponent of the same creative level as you. This section of our Pocket Bees beginner’s guide will concentrate on the first few more difficult games. The player-versus-player matchmaking system makes no distinction between novice and experienced players. If you choose to fight the tutorial NPC Noelle, she may bring a level 3 team with her. It will take some time and a small number of bees to accumulate enough resources to purchase the first Foraging upgrade, which is required before you can begin investing in hive improvements. You cannot begin investing in hive improvements unless you have this upgrade. I hope this is enough to get you past the game’s early stages and into the swing when producing wax for your creatures.

Pocket Bees: Colony Simulator v0.0057 MOD APK (Worker Speed, God Mode) Download

Download (70M)

Download (70M)

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