Download Pocket God v1.40.2 APK (Full Game)

The funny characters in Pocket God will make you happy to experience. An interesting game where you can become a god or a sun god, ocean god, etc. Players can own an island and command all their subjects. The game is updated with new attractive features regularly by the producer Bolt Creative. Get lost in a tribe on a deserted island and control everything. Many fascinating experiences are waiting for you to discover to have moments of fun and entertainment.


Join Pocket God in challenges as you tackle 40 different challenges each episode as the god. In each episode, you will have different tasks, and the main task is to unlock at least 4 gods. Collect different types of goods and take them to the arena to start participating in battles. Using god’s power to fight is fun. At the war of the gods, players choose 2 types of matches, the real type and the lever type, and then take down your opponent with rock-paper in a circle.

You can collect a variety of gods to experiment with different powers to become the last survivor of the game. The game has added a new feature that allows players to go to the chat room to see their achievement rankings. OpenFeint is also the place to notify players of the latest information or battles in the game.

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At the beginning of the challenges, players will encounter familiar images of an island with coconuts, small mountains, etc. You are the ruler of this primitive island and run the people on the island your way. No one has the right to object to the orders you give, and you have the power to make everyone obey whether you want to be the cruel or benevolent ruler of this island.

Make a villager fish just by touching that villager and let them entertain you. With straightforward gameplay, controlling your subjects is also very easy. You will enjoy being worshiped by the people of the deserted island, manipulating their activities, or tormenting them to make you happier—freedom to do what you like in Pocket God.


You need to use the icon bars displayed on the screen to create a world of your own. The plus button displayed at the top of the screen will help you bring people to your island. Control them with just a touch of the screen or the tilt of your device’s screen. There will be icons on the Pocket God menu so you can participate in other mini-games you want.

The first icon will be the map of this island. Click on the map to know what terrain your world has. You will find around your island many interesting places for you to explore such as icebergs, beaches, beach beaches, etc. Each of these locations will organize different mini-games for you to participate in more activities. Open your menu and use the controls to turn on/off different features for each of your activities.


For example, when you want to create or turn off a storm full of lightning or you can also turn on/off the pygmy jump for the character you want to control. You are the complete authority here, and you can control everything from the weather, animals, or people that exist on the island, even control gravity. Click on the sun and slide down the horizon to turn day into night, click on a random villager to jump into a volcano, etc. All are controlled and controlled by you.

Freedom to make fun of me by satisfying my brutal pleasures through tormenting the people here. Sometimes cruelty also creates fun, right! Simple graphics for players to feel like watching a funny cartoon, combined with funny sounds, will satisfy players when playing the game.

Want the freedom to control everything? If you want to entertain yourself with a game containing many interesting things, Pocket God will be what you need for yourself. A tribe of prehistoric dwarves awaits your command, deciding whether their life becomes a stalemate or a pleasant one is in your hands. Control aspects around the game, you can also watch a fireworks display with a continuous tap in the sky or perform many other powers with just a light slide on the screen. Everything in this world is yours.

Pocket God v1.40.2 APK (Full Game) Download

Download (18M)

Download (18M)

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