Download PokeChampion v1.0.0 MOD APK (Damage/Defense Multiplier, VIP 18)

PokeChampion Mod APK – Bring back the tried-and-true gameplay! Capture, care for, and train your Pet so you may compete for the title of Champion!

We are pleased to have you join us in the realm of PokeChampion! You will take on the role of a trainer in the game, gather pets and help them level up, and engage in a never-ending battle against other trainers to come out on top. At the same time, to finish the illustrated book, you will need to gather many animals found in different parts of the world.

Create a group as you see fit. Cute, Handsome, Smart…Because each pet has its own set of quirks, you should construct your party according to the kind of pets you like most (there are 18 distinct types, including fire, water, and grass).

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Win the title of the league. Take on the head of the gym, get various badges, and then take on the most powerful champion. You must first get to the Victory Road of Champions and then vanquish all of the trainers there.

First there was evolution, then there was megaevolution. Grow your companion animal and then, once you’ve fulfilled the necessary requirements, develop it. There is not just evolution, but also Mega evolution, which may unleash the full potential of a pet’s genetic potential.

Obtain animals as pets. Fight against wild pets, erode their defenses, and capture what’s left! Your loyal buddy will be the animal that you have trapped. You will need to search for them in areas such as meadows, mountains, and rivers where they could live.

PokeChampion v1.0.0 MOD APK (Damage/Defense Multiplier, VIP 18) Download

Download (1G)

Download (1G)

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