Download Prime pagine Pro v7.5.3 APK (Paid)

Prime pagine Pro v7.5.3 APK (Paid)

Sometimes we want to enjoy the new newspaper or read the news right on the phone. Then Prime page Pro is a perfect choice. This tool still retains some traditional and modern features when used on the phone. The application always focuses on the quality and information that newspapers provide to users. More scorching information, thrilling information will be updated continuously and without exception.


The application will provide you with a wide range of major newspapers from many different countries. More specifically, you only need to select the country you want, and a series of related information will also be provided completely. The application has grown in both quality and quantity, meeting almost all modern needs.

Prime pagine Pro Prime pagine Pro


The application has a modern filter to help you filter out exciting information. More specifically, it is strictly forbidden to source information that causes internal conflicts or affects development. The sources before being posted will have to carefully check the content to be able to meet the needs of users.

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The sec application provides information on different topics such as football news, beauty, and fashion, or even official information. The unique thing is that the application will provide full and close attention in the updating process to suit the purpose of use.


In addition to those unique features, the application has a quick reading mode to serve the user’s needs. Users can choose to read fast mode, and then the application will select useful information to provide to users.

Prime pagine Pro Prime pagine Pro


The main point to note is that Prime page Pro will have the function of blocking harmful ads. Short advertising information or even spam is prevented by the application so as not to harm the user’s reading process. In particular, blocking will help the application consume less space.


– The application provides a variety of newspapers of many countries with attractive information to serve users.
– Always pay strong attention to the source as well as the information provided in each newspaper.
– There will be careful selection of official information and prevent advertising from arising during reading.
– The application provides users with a modern newspaper reading feature, and users only need to listen to the primary information.
– Update information promptly to meet all needs and tasks of users in reading newspapers.

Prime pagine Pro v7.5.3 APK (Paid) Download

Download (3.7M)

Download (3.7M)

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