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Princess Tale is an RPG game where you can meet and recruit powerful, beautiful princesses. You will increase their strength to help them confidently enter the battle and destroy the enemy with their skills.

Princess Tale revolves around the battle between good and evil as you will try with beautiful princesses to destroy monsters. You will choose the five strongest characters to form a team and observe their performance. In addition, you can activate their unique skills at any time and can change the squad by summoning characters with impressive skills.

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Princess Tale


Players will start Princess Tale with a battle between good and evil where cute and powerful princesses fight the enemy. Over time, normal monsters are defeated, and their bosses are forced to appear. The two sides charged into the attack until the enemy used their actual ability and quickly unleashed a powerful wide-area attack. Since then, most of the members of the good side were also defeated, and the last member did not escape this part number.

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Players will lead a group of warrior princesses using attack powers to destroy enemies. These enemies will have different attributes that you will need to consider in the use of the character, and of course, all battles require strength on the player’s part. From there, your squad will continuously grow, and the power indicator will be clear proof for you. Indeed this is an interesting journey for players.

Princess Tale Princess Tale


Once you’ve completed the Princess Tale tutorial, you’ll be on to the real battles. You will choose the characters into different positions in the squad, and the maximum number of characters you can control is five. In addition, you will need to choose the positions that suit each character’s characteristics carefully; once the battle has started, you won’t have too much of an impact associated with changing the team’s position.

The battle begins, and the characters you allow into the battle move towards the enemy. Movement distance depends on the type of attack of the characters and the resistance from the enemy. Then you don’t need to control five characters simultaneously because they will automatically move and attack the enemy until the outcome of the match is decided. The battle only ends when one side is completely destroyed, so strength always determines the result.

The player’s portrait can be clearly seen, the character’s health and mana bars can be increased, and basic attacks can boost the mana. When it is full, the character’s portrait will become fully featured, and you can touch it. That will activate a character’s ultimate skill, such as attacking enemies, supporting teammates, and arranging characters together will help the team stay alive longer.

Princess Tale Princess Tale


One point that any player of Princess Tale will enjoy is that the number of characters is diverse, and they can recruit characters with summoning banners. The game offers two types of summons, normal and elite, and the quality of the characters appearing in both banners will be completely different. At the same time, you also have easy access to high rarity workers when using resources on the elite, and they will certainly help you through challenging battles.

A remarkable point when you experience those battles is that the number of enemies will continuously increase and become stronger. So, there are many ways you can overcome this, such as recruiting more characters with impressive skills to diversify your team’s tactics. In addition, each character contributes to the team’s overall stats, so you can equip them with powerful items and take them to a higher level to exploit their potential.

Players will be caught up in the battle between good and evil factions:

  • At the start, the player will be presented with a tutorial level around the fight against the enemy, and the result is a defeat.
  • Players will form a team with beautiful and powerful princesses and watch their actions be taken automatically.
  • Their energy bar will continuously increase over time, and when it is full, you can activate the ultimate skill with different effects.
  • The characters will increase through the summoning banner, and the rarity and strength will vary depending on its characteristics.
  • Character’s strengths will improve as their strength stats will contribute to the team’s strength stats and help the team get through the levels.

Princess Tale v2.5.04 APK (Latest) Download

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Download (89M)

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