Download Project QT v15.6 MOD APK (Mega Menu, Auto Win, Damage)

Project QT revolves around impressive battles with beautiful female warriors against space viruses in an interesting puzzle style. Players will constantly change formations with new members and learn their secrets.

Project QT is a game that combines combat and puzzle levels when you will be the one to fight viruses from another dimension. You will collect as many match elements as possible in the game to create a powerful attack on the enemies ahead. At the same time, you can easily change the tactics when summoning new characters to fight enemies with different attributes.

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The Valentine event is currently taking place in Project QT, so you will certainly not be able to miss the exciting events when there are characters in the game that increase your chocolate for you. At the same time, you can also interact with them to increase intimacy and unlock the mysterious stories behind each character. In addition, when you log in to the game during an event period, you will be able to receive impressive gifts.

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In Project QT, players will have the role of protecting humanity from space viruses that are trying to destroy humans. Specifically, an experiment was conducted; its result was that a black hole was opened, so it created an opportunity for mysterious virus creatures in space to invade the human world. So you will accompany the girls with solid power to destroy them and restore peace in this world. It is a battle you won’t be able to miss.

The game gives players completely accessible gameplay when the player will be the one to launch attacks and choose the correct attack strategy. At the same time, the screen of each level will be divided into two places where you will find your enemies and the set of match elements. You will be able to create links between them, and indeed, they will support the characters’ attacks. So choose your tactics carefully.


At the beginning of the level of Project QT, you will see your enemies and start the match process. You will see the attributes of your teammates and enemies to choose the correct match elements, and you will try to collect as many match elements as possible. At the same time, on the left side of the screen, the player will see a number representing the number of times that you can match, and the attack of the whole team will be activated when the matching number is exhausted.

An interesting point when players play this game is that they will want to find a way to collect the most match elements in a limited number of moves. So, in some cases, players can take advantage of the same boosters as in match-three games. It is useful because they have different effects, such as simultaneously destroying several elements on the field. Players’ lineups will need to change constantly depending on the opponents they face.


One notable feature that you get in Project QT is the counter system for the characters’ attributes. There are four attributes: water, fire, wind, and lightning, and the one in front will deal damage to the one in the back for 50% damage amount. So this is a big number when the characters you have can all gain impressive strength and take advantage of this system to destroy weak enemies quickly.

Besides the levels you complete, you can also face other players in the PVP system. Of course, they will have impressive strengths, which will be the test of the power of your squad. You will constantly summon powerful characters and upgrade and evolve their strength to overcome many different opponents. At the same time, with a diverse number of characters, the squad’s tactics will also be able to change and form more powerful squads.

The battles against space viruses are interesting:

  • Players will be accompanied by beautiful female characters and possess impressive powers in puzzle battles.
  • You will try to collect match elements in a limited number of turns and see the powerful attacks of the team members.
  • The counter system revolves around the different attributes that determine the damage to the enemy that you pay attention to.
  • New characters will be summoned through gacha banners and help you fight new opponents like other players.
  • During the Valentine event, you will receive gifts from other characters, develop relationships with them, and receive login rewards.

Project QT v15.6 MOD APK (Mega Menu, Auto Win, Damage) Download

Download (79M)

Download (79M)

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