Download REAL DRUM v10.29.0 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

REAL DRUM v10.29.0 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Real Drum is an application that trains you to become a professional drummer and practice with many different songs to improve your level. Users will experience many different interfaces.

Nowadays, the use of smartphones has been very popular with the main technology era, so if you need to learn more about drumming but time does not allow, then try this application right away. No need to go far and spend money to buy tools; the application will provide the items you need and create a comfortable space for you to practice your skills.

REAL DRUM: Electronic Drum Set

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It is not easy to find a place to gain more experience and comfortably practice to become the most professional drummer because users’ needs are always endless. So Real Drum will fulfill all your needs and provide everything you want to be able to deliver the best experience. Practicing on smart devices will sometimes have disadvantages, but in this application, nothing is impossible. Just follow simple steps to get started right away and enjoy the unique features. The app simulates lifelike drum kits so you can get the most realistic feel. Plus, your hand will be the drumstick, and all the player needs to do is touch the screen to hit the drum.

REAL DRUM: Electronic Drum Set


Create a comfortable empty playing space because you will not be disturbed. Now is the time to show your talent. Don’t worry if you are a beginner because the application will provide you with 60 instructional videos of different styles. You can quickly find your favorite music to learn how to play the drums quickly.

Besides, the videos will display with a harmonious interface so that users do not have to worry about how to use them and learn faster to start playing professional drums. In addition, Real Drum revolves around 33 loops with many rhythms for players to immerse themselves in a fun and vibrant music space.

REAL DRUM: Electronic Drum Set


In order not to cause boredom for users when experiencing the application, it will bring you exciting features and continuously update to perfect the big and small errors. Through that, players will always be free to create their own tunes and share their favorite songs with friends. Another cool thing about using it is that users are allowed to adjust the drum pads to their image and sound freely. Now you can build a unique and impressive tool because it shows your style, plus this decoration will increase the excitement for players. In addition, new personal kits will be released weekly by the application for you to change freely.

REAL DRUM: Electronic Drum Set


This is an excellent app for you to practice your drumming skills as well as perform expert hand movements like a real drummer. Besides, it would help if you watched the video tutorials to understand how to play thoroughly. After you are confident with your level, you can proceed to record to share them on social networks with a simple recording feature. The application will support you to record the music you play with perfect sound quality and an uninterrupted experience. Plus, you can optionally adjust the screen’s resolution and switch to HD for better viewing, export your recordings to MP3 and store them in memory as you wish.


  • Master your drumming skills with just this application, users will be immersed in the world of music created by you and experience new features
  • Simple operation to control, and you can rotate your screen to access the unique interface of the application besides the kit is simulated to the real for users to feel than
  • Start practicing with more than 60 tutorials to help players practice their moves as well as gain experience through exercises to become the most professional drummer
  • The application allows you to adjust your equipment with your own effects. Besides, you are free to build your own space to practice and decorate everything as you like comfortably.
  • Experience fantastic sound quality and uninterrupted enjoyment. Besides, you can share your product on social networks by exporting it to MP3 mode

REAL DRUM v10.29.0 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) Download

Download (124M)

Download (124M)

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