Download Rebirth Online v1.00.0202 MOD APK (Menu/Area of Effect)

Rebirth Online is an open-world combat role-playing game with a variety of locations that the character can explore. Also, the ability to upgrade characters to be able to participate in great missions and battles.

Rebirth Online will bring players great experiences and top-notch battles. Are you looking for a role-playing game that fights freely in an open environment and possesses unique features? Then this will definitely be a suitable name that you have been looking for so far. You will be comfortable participating in a large environment with great battles with this game.

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Rebirth Online


If you are looking for a fun role-playing game, then one of your most essential evaluation factors for a game will definitely be the gameplay. That’s why the game is exciting and invested in giving its players beautiful, stressful, diverse, and emotional gameplay. Entering the game, you will be involved in a large open battle world instead of tight arenas, without the flexibility like other games.

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Along with that, the game has also developed a system of many different exciting tasks that players can participate in. Lots of dungeons for you to challenge yourself like: Scenario, Daily, Elite, Raid, and many more. The most special is the different PvP game modes that can give you highly fiery battles with other players to find the winner.

Rebirth Online


One of the essential points to be able to create an attractive role-playing game will be the graphics. Because of this, Rebirth Online has also been heavily invested by the manufacturers in terms of graphics so that players can have the best experience. The game will bring you excellent graphics quality with evident, sharp, flattering quality.

Besides, the game also adds a lot of features that support graphics like 3D in a really reasonable way. All characters and character movements in combat to the game’s context have also been considered before being included. With graphic features that are calibrated with many stages, it will be possible to give your players a highly realistic visual experience.

A fighting role-playing game will often give its players a really engaging experience. And to be able to do this, Rebirth Online has equipped me with a lot of exciting features to be able to convey to players in the best way. From the way the game operates to the variety of missions, different game modes and graphics will make you a great experience.

Rebirth Online

Key Features:

  • An incredibly diverse open-world combat role-playing game.
  • An extensive character system that provides a rich selection ability.
  • Lots of different tasks to perform.
  • Unique PvP game mode where players can compete with other players.
  • Beautiful graphics inspire a lot of fighting inspiration to players.

Rebirth Online v1.00.0202 MOD APK (Menu/Area of Effect) Download

Download (57M)

Download (57M)

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