Download Relax Rain v6.5.0 APK + MOD (Premium Unlocked)

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Relax Rain v6.5.0 APK + MOD (Premium Unlocked)

Relax Rain is a popular audio player with a central theme of falling rain and natural sounds like thunder. In addition, the combination with soothing music also helps it be loved during meditation, reading, or working.

Relax Rain brings another space where people can enjoy the feeling of peace when experiencing life without noise. The system provides natural sounds such as rain and thunder, and they make a perfect combination with gentle melodies. This is an excellent choice for users who are looking for music to help focus when working, sleeping, or meditating. You can even use them for a new day; everything will become more comfortable, including your anger.

Relax Rain – Rain sounds: sleep and meditation Relax Rain – Rain sounds: sleep and meditation


In the updated version released by Relax Rain, three new sounds have been added to give users access to more music. The process of listening to music and relaxing will go smoothly with the update and improvement from the new version. In addition, now you can play the sound of rain, ginseng and accompanying music at the same time without any problems. The volume of each sound is also adjusted to suit the general space better. The manufacturer encourages users to state their requirements for sound quality and content experiences in order to enhance them in upcoming versions.

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The sounds that will appear in Relax Rain include the sound of rain, thunder, and gentle melodies. The system’s receiver filters out different types of rain sound searches at multiple locations and categorizes them into multiple folders. Users can try it out to feel and find the audio format that makes them feel most satisfied. These sounds each have their own volume levels, which you can adjust to enhance the experience. Melodies combined with the sound of rain are created using familiar instruments. Each group of sounds has different characteristics; with more than 50 formats, you have plenty of time to listen and relax with us.

Relax Rain – Rain sounds: sleep and meditation Relax Rain – Rain sounds: sleep and meditation


Users experience the application that plays sounds that have a relaxing effect, helping to improve sleep and ear diseases. In addition, you can also read books and work with them; work productivity will be significantly improved when you keep the best state. Activities that involve relaxation, such as meditation or gentle yoga, can also be combined with the app to get the best work out space. Apps can work side-by-side with another app right on one device without problems. Incoming calls will stop the audio; you won’t miss any calls because we don’t interfere with them.


Important contents present in Relax Rain can be reinstalled. Users use the installation directory to search for the content they want to adjust. These can be sound quality, applied volume, or some adjustment in the presence of mixed sound types. Users don’t need to be online to play tracks, and you can loop them while offline. In addition, tuning the sound engine can also help you create loops easily.


Relax Rain will give you a sense of peace when experiencing; the music used has the effect of making your soul light and relaxing. All work becomes smoother when users keep themselves in the best state. Besides, activities that require relaxation, such as meditation or yoga, can also use this type of sound. Life becomes more meaningful when you love yourself and keep feeling great. The sound of falling rain, gentle thunder, and echoing melodies can help users step into a new space. We will continue to improve to provide the best experience.

Relax Rain – Rain sounds: sleep and meditation Relax Rain – Rain sounds: sleep and meditation


  • Discover a quieter new world by listening to music that combines melodies and the sound of rain and thunder. Users get the best emotions when working, relaxing, or sleeping.
  • Notable changes when the update is released will be notified to users. Each version is packed with great content, including enthusiasm when it comes to recognizing user reviews.
  • The sound system present in the application includes more than 50 different types; each type will have its own characteristics; we fill in the information clearly so that users can quickly distinguish and use their favorite music.
  • Various mechanisms allow you to set and control settings for what content will be supported. This includes sound quality, volume in use, loop settings when playing music.
  • The application is easy to control and operate. Users can use another application but not be interrupted by sound is played, incoming calls will be announced, and the music will stop.

Relax Rain v6.5.0 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) Download

Download (64M)

Download (64M)

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