Download Remote Control for All TV v9.4 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

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Remote Control for All TV v9.4 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

This application will bring you many interesting experiences along with convenient features to make it easier for you to use. Along with modern technology 4.0, with just one smartphone, you can hold in your hand countless exciting functions. Remote Control will provide all the necessary functions of a remote control device and upgrade many new things. If you are looking for a device that is convenient and can be used anytime, anywhere, this application is definitely not to be missed.

Remote Control for All TV


In life, there will be times when you accidentally lose your TV remote or maybe run out of batteries or other tools, don’t worry; Remote Control will be your savior. It replaces the old device and is modeled as a real instrument so you can easily control and take advantage of the full functionality the app has to offer. Besides, the application will support control on many different TV brands; with just a straightforward operation, you can grasp all the usage as well as the operating principle to control and find programs that you love.

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In order to improve the user experience, the manufacturer has invested brainpower to bring convenience and quality to meet the needs of consumers. One of them is the screen mirroring feature. It is defined as the type of technology that allows the transmission of programs from mobile devices to the large screen of the television and comfortably enjoy without having to strain to look at the miniature screen of the phone. Just connect to wifi or mobile data you can start using, all the information you need to see will be fully displayed and you can flexibly switch between channels.

Remote Control for All TV Remote Control for All TV


Perhaps you have heard or are familiar with the concept of IR or extension cable. It works under the multi-function infrared transceiver and supports and allows you to control the remote easily. IR is located in peripheral devices connected to the TV such as disc players, cable boxes, projectors, and more. Most households using smart TVs will install this device, but Remote Control will provide it to you for free and you do not need to spend more time installing and repairing it. In addition, during use, if you encounter any problems, please contact the manufacturer immediately for the fastest support.


With a diverse control panel, you can customize the features you want. The control menu is designed with a harmonious interface and clearly annotated instruction buttons for more convenient use. In addition, you can experience in your own space by arranging your favorite shows with different themes according to each language and genre. In addition, the application will help you filter programs by date and time and keep track of upcoming show schedules on your favorite channels.

Remote Control for All TV Remote Control for All TV


  • Experience the smart application with a series of unique features to control the function of your TV through wifi or data access to start using
  • Support users to experience on many different devices, with just one simple operation, you can immediately grasp how to use and control this application
  • Discover more interesting features when mirroring the screen on your phone onto the TV and you just enjoy the useful information that the channels bring
  • Remote control is easier than ever with a menu located inside the app, a quick look at how it works you can already use
  • Adjust your favorite channel and follow the schedule of programs, experience it right away and you will not be disappointed

Remote Control for All TV v9.4 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) Download

Download (22M)

Download (22M)

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