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Rescue Dash takes you to a rescue role to solve problems that arise in the city. You will try to collect resources, allocate work to the character reasonably, and complete it within the allotted time.

Rescue Dash is a game where you will play as a rescuer and fulfill the people’s requests. You will try to find many resources to use, remove objects in the way and reach the rescue goal. At the same time, the number of characters that can participate in the quest will increase to help you speed up the completion of your quest, and it will certainly bring challenges for you.

Rescue Dash: time management

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In the world of Rescue Dash, players will play as a rescuer tasked with solving problems that arise within the city. The game opens when the player will see the problems happening inside the city, and the level begins when you see a rescue character near a vehicle. So, when you start the game, the first job is to receive a rescue order and fully prepare what you have to start performing your task in the best way.

When the player starts the quest, they will see many objects that you can interact with to complete your quest. The way to move is not complicated for players to quickly go where they want, and that saves them some time on the go, and the game offers plenty of time challenges that you’ll need to overcome.

Rescue Dash: time management


In one level of Rescue Dash, players will see resources and goals. Specifically, resources are things you can collect and use to solve the obstacles ahead. Goals are humans that you will need to rescue or animals that have strayed from their original habitat. Also, you’ll be able to easily track your progress in the goals section and continue your rescue before time runs out.

You will need to follow a certain amount of time to complete the task at each level. Therefore, you will choose the right move strategy to gather resources quickly and clear the obstacles in the way. You will see many resources appear, and their uses are also entirely different. At the same time, you will need to collect them for your cleanup and rescue to go smoothly.

Rescue Dash: time management

A common resource that you find in this game is a hamburger that gives you enough energy to clean up objects or repair required things. At the same time, new resources will continuously appear over time and provide you with challenges such as toolboxes to help you fix any object or a shovel to help you dig hidden objects. Therefore, the number of diverse levels will bring excitement to players.

Rescue Dash: time management


It can be said that the number of levels that you will need to pass in Rescue Dash is entirely diverse, so it is necessary to use what you have properly. If you fail a level, you will need to start it again. Of course, you will only have a certain amount of heart stats to use, and of course, they will be utterly collectible after a waiting period. You can also get some rewards at the start of the game.

Rescue Dash: time management

One of the valuable help you can find in the game is adding support characters. You can call them when certain conditions are met, and they will speed up the time it takes to gather resources and solve the problems you’re having. So it will create a specific advantage in the game but will require your concentration when controlling two characters will be more complicated and require continuity when you assign specific tasks to them.

Players will find exciting gameplay related to rescue in the game:

  • The rescuer that the player controls will complete the requests they receive within a limited time and overcome many obstacles.
  • They will find a diverse number of resources with different roles, and among them, hamburgers are a common element in the levels.
  • You will need to have enough resources to solve the obstacles you encounter to reach the rescue goal and overcome many different levels.
  • In some cases, you will also be able to retry a level with a certain number of hearts, thanks to the number of hearts you currently own.
  • The number of characters who can participate in the quest will increase and require your attention to control and assign work to them.

Rescue Dash v2.20.5 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download

Download (187M)

Download (187M)

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