Download RISK: Global Domination v3.9.1 MOD APK + OBB (Unlimited Tokens)

RISK: Global Domination brings you desirable and bloody matches, and players need to defeat bloodthirsty zombies and fight on exciting maps.

If you are an enthusiast and love the action and fighting genre, you will definitely like RISK. The game gives you new and exciting experiences through engaging battles with hordes of zombies along with fantasy, futuristic, sci-fi maps. Thanks to that, players have comfortable and exciting entertainment moments, helping players relieve the pressure and stress in life.

RISK: Global Domination

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When participating in RISK, players can collect countless other characters to add to their hero collection for themselves. You are allowed to train and train them and make them stronger to be able to deal with ferocious enemies. Based on that, players have the right to build a powerful army for themselves to be able to participate and gain more advantage in matches.


Coming to RISK, players must be clever in making strategies to minimize the wear and tear of soldiers and weapons but also increase the possibility of higher victory. You should have good combat tactics and clear and reasonable plans. Players need to use excellent diplomacy and public relations methods to ally with other players and fight against enemies.

RISK: Global Domination


You will be the mainstay and a good leader, so every decision you make will greatly affect the victory of the whole team. As a commander, you need to have a clear mind and foresight to be able to command the army and make better strategies and plans. You also need to protect your allies and conquer your enemies, and the wise strategy you devise will lead your army to glorious victory.


Thrilling battles broke out continuously to challenge your fighting ability. Many powerful opponents are waiting for you ahead, so players need to equip themselves with all the necessary weapons and skills to participate in combat. Opening up in front of players are exciting battles, giving them feelings of excitement, attraction but equally nervous and suspenseful.

RISK: Global Domination


The game gives thousands of thousands of extremely attractive missions. Each mission that RISK brings has specific difficulties, and each level will have its own easy problem, which makes players feel more excited and not bored. Players need to defeat hordes of bloodthirsty zombies and fight aggressive enemies with small quests revolving around it. After completing the tasks, players will receive countless attractive rewards and treasured titles.

RISK: Global Domination

The game gives you a large and interesting playing space combined with beautiful sound effects and images to increase the attractiveness and attraction for players. RISK also provides you with an exciting feature to play with friends, creating a close relationship and increasing the team spirit in the game. Not only that, you can also compete with other players with more than 60 attractive maps.

RISK: Global Domination


  • Collect and choose for yourself powerful heroes, train them to become stronger and then create your own army to be able to suppress those bloodthirsty zombies more easily.
  • Many exciting and attractive strategies are proposed along with many reasonable diplomatic tactics to fight the aggressive enemies in a simpler and faster way.
  • Offers more than 60 fascinating maps along with the renewal of the map’s visuals to help you experience and enjoy more matches in new and more interesting locations.
  • Many thrilling matches take place continuously, attracting thousands of new players; they can team up to create allies, play with their friends, or they can compete with other players for higher achievement
  • Stunning and eye-catching 3D graphics combined with vivid sound create an ample and exciting playing space, increasing the attractiveness and attraction of the game.

RISK: Global Domination v3.9.1 MOD APK + OBB (Unlimited Tokens) Download

Download (259.52 MB)

Download (259.52 MB)

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