Download Road of Kings v2.6.8 MOD APK + OBB (Unlimited Skills, Always Critical)

Road of Kings Mod APK is a fighting game combined with kingdom development where you will constantly increase your strength and fight enemies with different strengths that you have.

Road of Kings brings players to a vast kingdom where you will take over and face different battles. You will be able to build new buildings and upgrade existing ones to improve their efficiency. At the same time, the auto-combat battles require impressive stats and skill tactics on the part of the players, and the characters will fill the void in the match.

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Road of Kings – Endless Glory


In Road of Kings, players will be the head of a kingdom with powerful forces and heroes with impressive skills. You will spend time growing the kingdom to reap the benefits it can bring and implement different development strategies. At the same time, battles against enemies are inevitable, so any player needs to prepare their strength carefully to create their advantage.

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Players will find two main gameplay in this game: building a kingdom and building a strong team of warriors. The kingdom will have many different buildings, and they will have specific roles that you need to care about. In particular, the kingdom has been built before, and your job is to help it develop in the most positive direction possible. In addition, buildings that you can reach can be upgraded over time.

Road of Kings – Endless Glory


When you experience Road of Kings, you will not be able to take your eyes off the missions that this game brings. Quests are usually requirements to perform a specific job or fierce battles that you must overcome. Also, for construction missions, you will be able to get to know the building mechanics in the game and see them as goals for development. Surely there will be important buildings that affect others, like the castle.

You can find a group of warriors and take them to different locations on the battlefield. At the same time, you can freely adjust their position to suit their characteristics and suitable attacks, as characters with long-range and low health will not be in the back row of others. In addition, you will not have too much impact on the battle when it is operated automatically, and you will be the one to activate the skills of each character.

Auto attacks will increase the amount of mana the character possesses until full, and you need to touch a character’s portrait to activate the skill when the condition is full. At the same time, in some cases, some skills create interesting strategies and advantages for players, such as creating protective effects, pushing the character a long distance to continue attacking, and many others. You will be the one to decide the order of the character’s skill activation.

Road of Kings – Endless Glory


As you experience the battles in Road of Kings, you can find new teammates to add to your team. Each character has different roles, such as protecting teammates and attacking enemies until they are completely destroyed. At the same time, this is a strategy game, so finding new powers is essential, and the game has a character system that you can access and learn interesting characteristics about them.

Players will be able to find specific information about the character they are controlling, and each has a legion skill with positive effects on your development. In addition, you will need to level up them to improve their stats and equip powerful weapons. This mechanism is understandable for players, but it will take them a lot of time to reach a suitable stat and weapon quality. So, this is an experience that players cannot ignore.

Road of Kings – Endless Glory

Players will not be able to take their eyes off the exciting battles

  • Players will appear before a previously built kingdom, and they will build new elements to help it become more developed.
  • Each building has a different effect, helping players in the development process, and they will make upgrades to receive more benefits.
  • The number of battles is varied, and the participating characters will automatically attack until one side is defeated.
  • Characters possess skills with unique effects that allow them to protect teammates or attack enemies with significant damage.
  • Over time, new characters will appear and fill team vacancies, and you will upgrade their stats and equip them with powerful weapons.

Road of Kings v2.6.8 MOD APK + OBB (Unlimited Skills, Always Critical, VIP 17) Download

Download (250M)

Download (250M)

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