Download Road Warrior: Nitro Car Battle v1.6.2 MOD APK (Free Rewards)

It’s a race, but you’ll need stamina and survival skills to cross the road while pursuing the opponent. This will be the most thrilling race.

Road Warrior builds on a historic stretch of road where famous racers from all over the world gather to start new seasons. Do not stop at the normal speed racing; come and meet bloodthirsty players; you will face the challenge of surviving through the rain of bombs and bullets. The race will provide many assistive devices for this journey, but you need to meet specific conditions to unlock them. The system is ready to welcome; enter the particular campaign to enjoy this fun time!

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Road Warrior: Nitro Car Battle


Coming to the fierce road of Road Warrior, players need to meet the requirements of speed, toughness, and endurance. In particular, you will have to have the best spirit to face the challenges posed. Different battleships will be in the air when you are eligible to unlock them. Let’s start the race with a low-class car, gain more experience with each race and get better day by day. Players can unlock and drive any car they want when there are worthy rewards.

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Each chassis will be kept in place, and Road Warrior will refresh their other accessories by giving you a selection panel. There, equipment and spare parts with unique designs will be sold at many prices. A flag that shows your fighting spirit, different gun installations will make everything more aesthetic. Let’s change the image of the car and get the most impressive performance.

Road Warrior: Nitro Car Battle


Players will be sorted into a table consisting of faces from all over the world. Road Warrior will be an excellent choice for meetings and conversations. The location of the main match was a sandy desert. Besides, the system will increase the difficulty level when arranging mountains that make it difficult for you to move. While driving really fast, you still have to shoot the gun while ensuring speed and being able to aim at the enemy accurately. The different indicators of the vehicle’s life and damage will be quickly updated through the control bars.

Road Warrior: Nitro Car Battle


If you think the fun Road Warrior creates is too challenging to do, challenge yourself today. Continue the story of a shooting racing legend from the past. Will you achieve championships across multiple leagues and rise to the top level? Complete the assigned tasks and leave your review below. The quality of sound, pictures, and content will be upgraded every day.

Road Warrior: Nitro Car Battle


  • Enroll in world groups and meet other players in exciting matches.
  • Win many different titles, conquer the highest ranking for the entire competition content.
  • Choose the right car for your skills, unlock special equipment to get the complete car.
  • Join the thrilling race on the sand and bombard the journey of the rest.
  • Collect gold and diamonds after the match is over; improve your skills through each round.

Road Warrior: Nitro Car Battle v1.6.2 MOD APK (Free Rewards) Download

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Download (137M)

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