Download Rockstar Life v2.0 APK (Full Game)

Rockstar Life APK – Try to have a long and successful career as a rock star while also becoming famous.

Looking for music industry tools and time? Please trust me. Rockstar Life is a casual, hand-drawn simulation game, and Rockstar decisions and disputes are arbitrary. This game involves drug use, groupies, and a tour. Rockstar Ate My Hamster influenced this game.

Rockstar Life

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You must be a basement want to be to get renowned. You must tolerate your bandmates’ difficulties without choosing them. Even though you can’t control the music, your audience may dislike your sponsor. Life is unfair, like being a rock star. Where will you go, what locations will you visit, and how long will your trip last? The organization of a tour can have an impact on its success and revenue.

Rockstar Life

Touring as an opening act for a more established act is one approach to gaining greater exposure. Hopefully, nothing occurs to derail the tour. Put off recording and publishing your music for the time being. Do you dislike your music? If not, perhaps another organization will buy it. Have you ever thought about writing a song called “Dog”? Sure thing! Choose the songs, the location, and the quantity.

Rockstar Life


When creating a record, it’s critical to consider the opinions of your label and/or bandmates. Do you intend to self-publish or wait for an offer from the ideal record label? Check the Billboard chart to see if your music has made it into the top 100. Everything you do as a Rockstar will affect your life, from using drugs to insulting groupies to replying to another band to aiding a friend. Because you’re a rockstar, maybe drugs aren’t that bad. Will your parents’ values help you get there? Take care of yourself and your abilities to take advantage of any chance.

Playing the game multiple times will teach you the ins and outs of the various possibilities, allowing you to better your songwriting, performing skills, and, ultimately, your career. Festival invitations are distributed based on celebrity level. To achieve financially and socially, you must first get your act together. To gain in-game advantages, you must first answer a few questions.

Rockstar Life


  • There are many unpredictable life occurrences, all of which influence the way the game turns out.
  • Graphics that were drawn by hand.
  • Excellent soundtrack consisting of songs performed by semi-professional and amateur bands.
  • There are many possible conclusions to the story, and each one is determined by the choices you make during the game.
  • Extremely confidential point system. Have you been under the impression that the Rockstar who is most successful is the one who sells the most albums? I don’t.
  • There are sixteen distinct kinds of trips that may be arranged, ranging from visits to local pubs to excursions to international stadiums.
  • Always play Rockstar with the hardest difficulty setting. Every choice will ultimately be beneficial.
  • Because of RNG, there is an infinite amount of replayability. There is no guarantee that every decision you make will result in the same outcome.
  • Check out your standing on the Google Play leaderboards to discover whether you really are as good as you think you are.

Rockstar Life v2.0 APK (Full Game) Download

Download (160M)

Download (160M)

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