Download RTS Siege Up! v1.1.106r5 MOD APK (Unlimited Resources)

RTS Siege Up! – Medieval War is a unique strategy game with ancient battles. Players will build their own empire and gather resources to develop the region’s economy, and train soldiers to fight.

RTS Siege Up – Medieval War is a 3D defense game that combines action and sophisticated tactics to create highly engaging gameplay that sends players to the island to perform missions and defend the stronghold from the enemy. Unlike previous games, this game gives players a new entertainment space and various tasks. To win this defense game, the game requires many clever tactics to fight against a number of powerful enemies.

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RTS Siege Up! – Medieval War


When it comes to RTS Siege Up, many players will surely remember the memories that you have been attached to the game. In essence, this is a 3D game full of the strategy developed on a new playing platform for new players. Currently, the game has upgraded many unique features for players to fulfill their passion. Believe that this game will not leave your leisure time in vain. In this game, players will perform many different tasks to build a robust defensive stronghold against hordes of enemies from far away lands to occupy the pile.

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RTS Siege Up! – Medieval War


Perhaps players are not too unfamiliar with some castle-building games like this. In the game, players are immersed in a fantasy world where they need to protect the castle. Join this game, players experience many defense towers and overcome many attractive levels in tactical combat. You will have to build castles and fortified walls to protect the defensive stronghold.

RTS Siege Up! – Medieval War


The game gives players a series of highly diverse missions, which means that players will have to face many different challenges. However, the main purpose in RTS Siege Up that players must perform is to try to protect their stronghold by all means. After each mission, players will have the opportunity to collect various resources and use them to grow their economy. Unlike other games, players must log in to use these items.


The player has to face some very fierce enemies and possess many supernatural powers in the game. Therefore, players need to do their best to protect their fortress and increase their strength and force to fight them. To do this successfully, the player needs to have a clear plan and cleverly coordinate the tricks to destroy the enemy as quickly as possible and make them unable to counter-attack you. Besides, do not forget to upgrade and add powerful energies to your heroic characters.

RTS Siege Up! – Medieval War


Overall, this game brings a new atmosphere for players to experience building strongholds and practice skills to face foreign invaders. Besides, in the process of fighting, the player does not give the enemy any chance of opening; the player needs to coordinate a large army to fight the enemy more effectively. To fight the enemy, the player needs to build a navy unit and give jobs for his army to perform. Mostly, the usual activities such as providing food, training troops, building more strongholds to create many thick barriers make it difficult for the enemy to occupy your unit.

RTS Siege Up! – Medieval War


  • Enjoy the new game mode, simple 3D graphics, and sound with many amazing effects.
  • Make the game on a mod designed for players with an excellent track record.
  • Use and combine a variety of weapons to fend off all enemies invading the stronghold.
  • Deploy and upgrade troops, spells, and various constructions.
  • Build strong defenses to fend off fierce attacks from enemies.

RTS Siege Up! v1.1.106r5 MOD APK (Unlimited Resources) Download

Download (42M)

Download (42M)

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