Download Run of Life v2.5.4 MOD APK (Free Rewards)

Run of Life Mod APK simulates a magical run, where players can conquer items that make them young again. There will be two paths for you to choose from; one of them will bring the game to a standstill.

Run of Life becomes the way to own magic when the choices made by the player can make them either old or young again. In the journey to move from the starting point to the finish line, you need to achieve the goal of lowering your age. Obstacles along the way will be related to the age you want, and any decision you make will affect your journey. The updated version adds some new icons suitable for each age.

Run of Life Run of Life

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Run of Life’s running track owns athletes from small to a large age. Based on their choice, the age will increase or decrease. The road has two choices that make you older or younger, and a gate will represent them. For a more detailed guide for newbies, the system marks blue for correct selection and red for choices to be avoided. It will last until you reach the highest level.

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Aging will significantly affect the movement at Run of Life. You will have to face your old age when you choose the wrong answer or step into a position that causes age damage. The effects of old age can put you at a disadvantage. The system gives you hundreds of choices between gym and movie watching, greasy food and fruit, study, and entertainment. When the displayed age becomes more extensive, you will have to stop the game.

Run of Life Run of Life


During the process of completing the Run of Life, the system will record your achievements with a horizontal bar that simulates the length of the road. When you complete any leg, the system will show it. In addition, the level is represented through this horizontal bar. As you reach higher levels, the difficulty will be increased. Players have the right to choose the character they want, and young people will have a speed advantage.


Run of Life will make any player can become a child with their choice when participating in the run. Unique quizzes about the interests of two different ages can influence age. When faced with the puzzle of entertainment, rest or study, the goal is to find the activity that works for you. Don’t forget, there are a lot of coins on the run, and you can choose to collect them!

Run of Life


  • Explore the extended running system with hundreds of choices for you from activities, rest, and money.
  • Players take on the challenge of rejuvenation with wise choices such as books, exercise, and entertainment.
  • Options that should not be approached are listed as options for the elderly, and it would help if you avoided them.
  • Develop the ability to distinguish the favorite activities of each age, making your age smaller according to your choice.
  • Earn more money when moving on the run, and get rewards for completing tasks quickly.

Run of Life v2.5.4 MOD APK (Free Rewards) Download

Download (142M)

Download (142M)

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