Download SAMURAI SHODOWN V ACA NEOGEO v1.1.0 APK (Full Game)

SAMURAI SHODOWN V ACA NEOGEO APK – The fifth installment of the sword fighting 2D Samsupi, designed by cartoonists “Nobuhiro Watsuki” and “Yasuhiro Naito”!

A heavy blow! A sword-fighting action that returns to its origin! The fifth installment of the 2D series, seven years after “Amakusa Advent”! SAMURAI SHODOWN ZERO ACA NEOGEO is the 5th installment of the 2D samurai fighting game, featuring various new characters led by the new protagonist “Yoshitora Tokugawa”.

The Consecutive Slash System introduced in Amakusa Kourin’ has been removed, and the Kenki gauge has been introduced, making it a system with heavy hits and a system that can be said to be a return to origin. The point is that the command for the weapon-flying special move has been unified, making it easier to perform the special move for each character. The origin of the popular Zero series! Let’s enjoy the gem that can fight like Samsupi!

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The operating system is like the first generation and “Shin”, with A for a weak slash, B for a medium slash, and pressing AB at the same time for a strong slash. C is for kicking, D is for special actions, and various actions can be performed in combination with levers. In addition, the anger gauge system and the system of “anger explosion” by pressing ABC at the same time continue to be inherited. There is a “Kenki” gauge that will be carried over to the future series, and although the details will be described later, the amount of attack power changes depending on the amount of the gauge. Thanks to this “Kenki” gauge, the point is that the game is like a return to the origin, instead of focusing on continuous attacks.

The “Shura/Rakshasa” system that was introduced from “Zankoro Musouken” was abolished, and most of the character’s techniques were integrated in this title. Characters such as “Haohmaru”, “Nakoruru”, “Kazuki Kazama”, and “Sougetsu Kazama” are impressive in that new characters with the same characteristics as Rasetsu characters have been introduced. * “Rasetsumaru”, “Rela”, “Enja”, and “Suija”, respectively, are set to be different from the original characters. It’s easier to use command techniques, so it feels like the complicated series has been made easier to play.

The “Kenki” gauge is a system that is directly linked to attack power, and the strength of attack power is determined by the amount of the gauge. It decreases by attacking, and recovers when not attacking. When the gauge is at MAX, the increase correction is applied, and when the anger gauge is MAX or when the anger explodes, the correction is further increased. Instead of attacking recklessly, let’s fight aiming for a one-hit kill like the original Samsupi.

SAMURAI SHODOWN V ACA NEOGEO v1.1.0 APK (Full Game) Download

Download (80M)

Download (80M)

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