Download SAMURAI SHODOWN V SPECIAL v1.1.0 APK (Full Game)

You may now play the original versions of the legendary games first released on the NEOGEO on mobile devices.

SNK and Hamster Corporation have partnered over the past few years as part of the ACA NEOGEO series to bring a significant amount of the original NEOGEO games up to date so that they can be played on more modern gaming platforms. The level of complexity and artistic presentation that NEOGEO games offered back in the day may now be recreated on smartphones by utilizing the myriad settings and options available. Players can access several online features, including online ranking modes and other features. It also has a quick save/load option and the ability to personalize the virtual pad, all of which contribute to a more enjoyable overall experience when using the application. Please take full advantage of this opportunity to enjoy the classics that are still read and cherished in modern times.

In 2004, SNK published a new fighting game called SAMURAI SHODOWN V SPECIAL. They feature 28 of your favorite characters, including some of the bosses from the last game! Rage Explosion, Concentration One Gauge, and Fatal Flash are all still playable, just like they were in previous games in the series. If the opportunity to finish out your adversaries with a magnificent Desperate Technique in a single attack comes to you, you cannot pass it up! The first phase in a series of fights to the death is to gather a group of 28 fierce warriors at a predetermined location. These people believe that the abilities they hold and the weapons they wield will allow them to control their destinies. Those incapable of rising to the occasion will have no choice but to lose their lives in the war. A single epic title pits twenty-eight distinct samurai characters against one another.

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SAMURAI SHODOWN V SPECIAL v1.1.0 APK (Full Game) Download

Download (96M)

Download (96M)

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