Download Sausage Man v15.07 APK + OBB (Menu Mega Mod)

You will be immersed in a unique shooting world in a fun cartoon style in Sausage Man. When coming here, players are transformed into the role of sausages with many different variations that look extremely cute.

Sausage Man is known as a legendary battle royale game and has never shown any signs of stopping being hot. This place will give you a taut but equally fun battle with a shooting game. The unique thing here is that the player is immersed in a lovely cartoon. In addition, if you set foot here, you will become one of the sausages with an integrated head and limbs like a creative human.

Sausage Man

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Although it is a dangerous shooting war where you can be killed at any time if you are not careful in the enemy’s sights, Sausage Man also gives you funny moments at parties. You will appear with a somewhat rudimentary appearance but undeniably cute. This rawness has made you one of the most popular sausages in history.

Sausage Man

In this mode, players will own for themselves a special party card system that aims to record data along with the number of appearances accurately. In addition, the parameter of your own achievements cannot be ignored. Not stopping there, the party card also gives you one-of-a-kind outfits that look incredibly quirky. In addition, the character’s unique poses, such as kissing or transforming into a magical girl, have also become an attractive trend for players.

Sausage Man


Welcoming the player is a highly epic battle with Buff items possessing a unique superpower. Not only that, a parallel combat system with a more flexible and realistic ballistic strategic trajectory than ever before is waiting for you in Sausage Man. Not stopping there, a more breathtaking shooting feature is also preferred to be included to increase the excitement for players who are passionate about difficulty.

To help you upgrade your strength to be able to fight through the challenge, Sausage Man does not hesitate to give you an extremely impressive flare gun. Not only that, the resurrection machines will support you with an equally unique life. Not stopping there, we also design smart tactical covers in addition to the innovative ID card system. It can help you test your friendship and mutual understanding. At the same time, help the two of you discover the misunderstanding and resolve it amicably.

Sausage Man


Besides the fiercely competitive battlefield, we also bring you fun wherever you are around. Outside of the battle are unlimited fun games that allow players to dance around freely. Not only that, but you can also participate in music shows and sing comfortably until the last moment.

The exciting thing that the game gives you is that the player can shoot at the rubber balls to receive a lovely bonus. Not only that, this will be both playing and avoiding enemy attacks if you know how to use it well. Specifically, the double jump is one method that makes it difficult for the opponent to accurately aim the egg because your body has not stopped moving. In addition, the lifebuoy will allow you to fight your opponent underwater. In particular, as soon as you immerse yourself in the water, you will become a crying sausage.

Sausage Man


  • Shooting with cute sausages and diverse styles.
  • Power up with a magic gun or even a resurrection machine.
  • Join the intense battle underwater as you transform into a hot dog who is having a hard time cheering for his teammates.
  • You can sing, dance and dance while having fun while avoiding the eyes of the enemy.
  • Party card with many perks for a strange outfit.

Sausage Man v15.07 APK + OBB (Menu Mega Mod) Download

Download (900M)

Download (900M)

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