Download School Simulator Darkness v0.9993 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

School Simulator Darkness Mod APK – Solve everyday & darkness cases! 3D school action adventure with unreal engine!


School Simulator Darkness is a 3D school simulator game that solves everyday and darkness cases. The player will become the familiar “Sendagaya Shino” in VRoid, and will challenge various missions that occur inside and outside the school as the student president. It is a game with a messy world view that involves graphics with an unreal engine that sets it apart from conventional school simulators, character customization elements, zombies, and succubus.

School Simulator Darkness

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The game starts from the student council room, talking to the characters in the school and generating various mission events. Operate with the gamepad, move around the school while switching viewpoints, investigate various places, and talk to the NPC you care about.

School Simulator Darkness


The 3D character design that makes good use of the 2D picture by the unreal engine is cute. The production aspect was also good, such as being displayed up in conversation with the NPC, and training elements such as character customization and parameter enhancement/adjustment were firmly incorporated. However, although it may depend on the model, the operability is extremely poor and the operation is heavy.

School Simulator Darkness

Because of that, it is difficult to clear the first use (searching for the key in the student association room), approach each locker in the staff room, do not respond even if you press it many times. I can’t say how disappointed I was when I couldn’t find the key. For the time being, there is a guide to the destination, but if you include the item search, that guide is also useless, so I wanted you to make a map menu to improve the operability a little more and display the place where the event occurred.

School Simulator Darkness


Detailed parameters are set for the character, and you can get a costume and change it as the game progresses. In addition to being able to finely set the coloring for characters and costumes, it seems that a variety of costumes such as plain clothes, darkness costumes, uniforms and gym clothes are available.

Gameplay & walkthrough

  • The player assumes the role of the student body president of the school and is tasked with completing a variety of missions that take place throughout the campus.
  • To begin, let’s wander aimlessly about the school.
  • The school is housed in a structure that is three stories tall and contains a variety of regular and specialized classrooms.
  • There are several special classrooms that are locked, but you can unlock them by completing the event.
  • Conversation with certain non-player characters triggers a story event.
  • Proceed to the location you specified or locate the thing you require.
  • You are able to inspect the contents of the lockers in the school that are nearby.
  • When you see the word that has to be checked, tap the action button that is located on the right side of the screen.
  • The character’s detailed parameters are being specified at this time.
  • You will be able to change your appearance if you purchase a costume.

School Simulator Darkness v0.9993 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download

Download (423M)

Download (423M)

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