Download Selera Nusantara v1.8.89 MOD APK (Free Upgrade, Cook No Overcooked)

Give Siska a hand if you want her cooking to improve. Pecel Lele, Nasi Goreng, Sate, Mie, Bubur, and many other delectable Indonesian staples might appear in this game. Famine victims should be served your finest cuisine.

Move swiftly from one eatery to the next. You’ll come across and get access to new areas as you progress through your journey. Motivate more customers to make purchases from you. Put your Master Chef skills on display. The time has come to start cooking like there is no tomorrow. It’s time to go NUTS in the kitchen at Selera Nusantara. How addicted are you to culinary games? This virtual kitchen is open for business! It’s a lovely restaurant; you’ll work quickly to satisfy hungry customers. Nothing will stand in your way. The ability to cook and manage a business is a skill that has to be honed.

Do as much tapping as possible in as little time as possible while keeping an eye on the clock and rushing to get to the customer as soon as possible. The process of preparing food has never been more stimulating. You can explore the various cooking implements at your disposal. Players must enhance the in-game culinary experience by upgrading their utensils and plates. Get ready to widen your pallet because real Indonesian food is easy. Spend your newfound riches on this package and show off your cooking skills. It’s time to open a new restaurant and increase your menu, so stock up on keys. Acquiring high-end cookware is the first step in becoming a world-class chef. You can pick from various challenges, from the quite easy to the incredibly difficult. To acquire more, you must do more tasks and unlock more achievements. And keep checking back because we have a lot of fresh information heading your way.

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Selera Nusantara v1.8.89 MOD APK (Free Upgrade, Cook No Overcooked) Download

Download (328M)

Download (328M)

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