Download Shapik: The Moon Quest v1.114.023 MOD APK (All Content Unlocked)

Shapik: The Moon Quest Mod APK – An emotionally engaging and dramatic journey set in a world that appears to have been devastated by nuclear war.

Shapik: The Moon Quest is a puzzle adventure game with a point-and-click interface. A breathtaking journey to the moon with a moving narrative and a wonderful tune. The stunning hand-painted painting style makes it easy to lose track of time. The environment is lively and busy, and The Moon Quest cannot be completed without some manual labor. The story is told entirely through eye-catching images and captivating music, with no conversation.

When you finally reach the moon, what will you see there? In this game, enchanting girls of the forest share their homes with icy and mechanical inhabitants of the moon. On the same map, it should be possible to locate both of them. Participants will act out the role of a nuclear holocaust survivor still alive on Earth after the catastrophe. They plan to journey to the moon to protect their community from the horrible guy by doing so. Once there, they will seek aid, engage in combat with him, and attempt to destroy him. This narrative does not contain even a single solitary word of text. The entire story is conveyed through animated “thought bubbles.”

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The graphics of Shaptik: The Moon Quest are amazing, blending elements of nature and technology. The puzzles are fun to tackle and have a manageable level of difficulty. The method is straightforward, but the high-quality painting and various “easter eggs” make it memorable even after just one viewing. Both the backgrounds and the characters were hand sketched. You’ll come across a lot of stuff that appears unimportant at first. Stop your progress and examine what you observe more closely in this game; beautiful visuals tell a story that is neither profound nor confusing but rather simple. The player’s hometown is revitalized, and good eventually triumphs. Our composer composed moving music to accompany the story’s dramatic development and surprise twists. Stop idly walking around and start paying attention when you find yourself in a circumstance that necessitates it.

Shapik: The Moon Quest v1.114.023 MOD APK (All Content Unlocked) Download

Download (170M)

Download (170M)

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