Download Shiva Bicycle Racing v3.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Time Out)

Shiva Bicycle Racing will provide you with a racing space on interesting terrains while accompanying your friends to overcome the unique challenges of the game.

If you are looking for a game that is full of fun elements but no less dramatic, this game will bring you new experiences when providing racing locations that include many contexts and different scenes. Players can move on their bikes and overcome challenges to reach the finish line fastest and win.

Shiva Bicycle Racing


Currently, there are a series of racing games on the market with interesting features. Still, Shiva Bicycle Racing will be suitable for those who love the simplicity but not boring when participating in a friendly racing game but no less attractive. This is a unique experience for you to create a racing space full of obstacles and different obstacles to compete with other opponents.

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However, first, you need to choose for yourself a character to accompany you throughout the game. The game will provide you with characters including Shiva, Reva, Uday, Aditya, and Ladoo Singh with different designs and characteristics so you can freely choose an object with you through the battles ahead. Choose a character you love most and fully equipped with skills to set foot on unique races and win.

Shiva Bicycle Racing


In this game, you will need to use agile skills to control your vehicle to the top. However, you will have to face challenges that are not easy because the opponent will also have the same ability as you, so all you need to do is practice good skills not to be inferior to any opponent. Besides, in a racetrack, pitfalls will always appear to make it difficult, so you need to pay attention to avoid being left behind.

However, a disadvantage is that when there is a signal to start, the game will start to time, so if you do not reach the finish line after the time, you will definitely lose. Therefore, players need to combine time observation with moving reasonably and quickly overcome nearby opponents before they defeat you on the track.

Shiva Bicycle Racing


Shiva Bicycle Racing will lead you to dramatic spaces as you go through tense moments as you try to rise to the top and outrun your rivals. Besides, it will not be too difficult to control, but you must know how to use the right actions to avoid difficulty when going through different races.

The game will provide you with features to control your bike when encountering difficult places to move, players need to combine features, and this is also a good tip for you to leave your opponents behind quickly. In addition, you also need to be flexible to move left and right and control the car to work at full capacity. Nothing is easy, so you need to try your best to conquer the goals ahead.

Shiva Bicycle Racing


To enhance the experience and not cause boredom, this game will operate on many different levels and tasks in each level. Players will experience game modes from easy to difficult and especially must complete all requirements to be able to step in and unlock more new levels.

Besides, you will discover a series of different maps, including three worlds that are Vedas Forest, Vedas City, Spooky Desert. You can go to different locations, and of course, you can enjoy the lively atmosphere on each new map. In addition, the game will constantly update to launch more new levels to challenge your level and open exciting races.

Shiva Bicycle Racing


  • Unlimited racing with exciting locations and experience unique challenges to become a top racer, start participating in new journeys to conquer more milestones in this game
  • Choose your own character; besides, each character will have its own characteristics, and if you want, you can change it the next time you play, the character will accompany and support you to win
  • Build with fierce competitive gameplay, so you must always focus not to be left behind, and the game will regulate the racing time, so you need to complete the fastest track
  • The game will give you many different control features depending on the terrain used; players need to combine smart to overcome opponents without losing direction
  • Join in exploring many different maps, plus the game will constantly update to give you new experiences and test your exceptional racing abilities

Shiva Bicycle Racing v3.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Time Out) Download

Download (73M)

Download (73M)

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