Download Shootero v1.4.10 MOD APK (High Gold, One Hit, God Mod)

Shootero Mod APK – Get ready for the ultimate combination of rogue-lite and shoot ’em-up the gameplay!

Are 1945 Airplane/Archero-style video games your thing? If so, Shootero is the perfect game for you this year! Let’s engage in space combat to achieve your greatest ambition: to rule the galaxy! Shootero is a stylized version of the arcade shooting game Galaga Shooter. It is not a generic alien shooter game, but rather stands out for its blend of rogue-lite elements and the classic galactic attack action. Every time you play Shootero, you become completely fired up.

In this shooting game, defeat deadly Galaga monsters and traps with unique movement patterns and attack styles. Your screen will turn into a battleground, covered in fierce rockets, lasers, and bullets. Struggle through the hail of gunfire and eliminate every foe, but don’t fail or you’ll have to start over from scratch!

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In each galactic combat, set up your preferred bullet pattern. For your strategic setup, there are more than 50 distinct talents that you may use with your drone aircraft and spacecraft. The galactic conflicts will be impacted by many x-factors, making each run distinct. You may quickly test the stages repeatedly while searching for the most practical skill pairings to proceed in your space journey!

Shootero v1.4.10 MOD APK (High Gold, One Hit, God Mod) Download

Download (60M)

Download (60M)

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