Download Simple Social Browser v13.3.0 MOD APK (Optimized/No ADS)

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Simple Social Browser v13.3.0 MOD APK (Optimized/No ADS)

Simple Social Browser is an application that allows users to access social networks to update the latest information. This is a great application and brings the fastest internet speed to users.

Today, social networks are integral to many people’s lives, especially young people. Users can access modern trending scams and know more important information with a strong network connection. Simple Social Browser allows users to use the network with the fastest speed and connect social networks together. In addition, this application also helps you connect with many other users conveniently and have great experiences. With its unique functions, users can keep up with all the hot news of the day.

Simple Social Browser


If you are a regular social network user and want to update a lot of information, then Simple Social Browser will allow you to access with slow internet speed. Besides, with intelligent design and many useful features, users will be able to know a lot of great information with just their mobile devices.

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Users can easily connect to any of their favorite social media accounts and operate them in a single app. Users will use full command actions to interact comfortably with any social media channel. This app will expose you to exciting news feeds and express your personal feelings through status lines or share them with friends.


Users will not take long to get used to the application because its usage is similar to Facebook. You can text, video chat, or post your status quickly without the need for Messenger or Facebook. This helps you both save space for the device and is convenient to use. Simple Social Browser allows users to combine many different functions with simple operations like surfing on Facebook.

Simple Social Browser


When using the network, surely any user will be annoyed by annoying ads, but with this application, you will not see the appearance of any ads. The application has blocked ads for users to have the smoothest network experience. Therefore, you can focus on reading the information without being disturbed by useless ads. However, if you’d like to see ads while on the network, you can enable the ad feature in the settings.


Users will be interested in different information when using the application to secure the user’s account. Simple Social Browser will always ensure the safety of all information in your account by setting a password. Your information will not be accessible to anyone except you with this feature. In addition, the application also notifies or sends messages to users for users to review and manage accounts.


In the app, users can connect to multiple other accounts simultaneously. Users can register up to 6 different social media accounts to communicate with friends and family. This unique feature allows users to discuss essential tasks with their colleagues or loved ones. In addition, you can also easily switch between accounts to use.

Simple Social Browser


The application also allows you to download any video or image from your social networks to your device to attract users. The application will automatically capture the file when you select it. Besides, you can also access your favorite websites with an intuitive interface to enjoy like other dedicated applications in Simple Social Browser.


  • Allows users to access social media channels without using another dedicated application.
  • Download your favorite content: videos, images,…
  • Secure user information with a password and biometric mode.
  • Connect with multiple accounts at the same time: this allows users to open up to 6 social network accounts.
  • Turn on notifications, messages to be able to update information promptly.

Simple Social Browser v13.3.0 MOD APK (Optimized/No ADS) Download

Download (8M)

Download (8M)

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