Download Slap and Run v1.6.15 MOD APK (Free Reward)

Slap and Run is a fun game with the form of running and hitting people on the road. Accumulate everyone’s anger and run as fast as possible to escape the chase.

Slap and Run is a fun entertainment game that helps players relieve stress. You need to control your human flap to run fast, face many people, and overcome obstacles to reach the finish line. With the thought of releasing anger on a tiring day from life, the game is designed to allow you to slap many people.

Slap and Run Slap and Run


Your character in Slap and Run is a blue stickman with white gloves. Your task is to move your character closer to the crowd standing on the air and slap them in the face. Players use touch operations to move the character left or right. When approaching the yellow one, the blue stickman will automatically slap them.

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On the run, there will be power-ups for players. The first is the acceleration line. It is a series of blue bars. When your character runs into that line, the speed will be increased by 2x, helping to leave the pursuers behind. Next, a tool that is both an obstacle and support is the cogwheel. When the player hits the cogwheel, you die. But if you take advantage of it by running close, it will help you kill the pursuers behind.


After doing and reaching the required number of people in a level, you will pass that level. If you cross the finish line at the end of the road, there will be no more chasers. Behind the finish line, you will be free to slap the rest of the faces and kick a golden stick to see how much the reward will be. The farther the golden stickman is thrown, the greater the reward. After each level pass, new levels will be opened in turn.

Slap and Run Slap and Run


  • Move the stickman to the left, to the right to stay close to the people on the road. Slap them in the face and run away
  • Touch the green acceleration line to increase the character’s speed by 2x, outstripping the pursuers
  • The cogwheel is both dangerous and useful. Move smart to take advantage of it, reduce chasers
  • Get bonus points when you reach the finish line. After the finish line, and many people can kick the last yellow stickman further, the more rewards will be received
  • Pass this level and open hundreds of other exciting levels one after another with increasing difficulty

Slap and Run v1.6.15 MOD APK (Free Reward) Download

Download (68M)

Download (68M)

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