Download Slash and Girl v1.99.8.5002 MOD APK (God Mode, One Hit)

Slash & Girl is an exciting action game with challenging levels for players to experience. In essence, this is an endless runner game; players will have to defeat the Joker to bring themselves back to the world.

In recent times, Slash & Girl has become one of the endless running games that many players keep mentioning. In the game, players are involved in impressive action levels, where players will have to fight the Joker to bring peace to the world in the game. Join the game to become a savior, fight with enemy objects, and bring joy to the character in the game.

Slash & Girl – Endless Run Slash & Girl – Endless Run

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First, Slash & Girl is a unique action game, where players will have to transform into Doris’s character to participate in different, daring battles. Different from similar games, this game is more exciting but full of challenges that players will have to perform. Becoming an adventurer is the most crucial step in the game, where you have to complete it. For the most part, the game has quite diverse gameplay, and players only need to defeat Jokers to win the game ultimately. On top of that, the unique point that the game gives you is not only avoiding complex obstacles, but you also have to slash and kill each other.

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At the beginning of the game, players will be allocated on missions to participate in adventure journeys to defeat the jokers. The game takes place in the world being invaded and taken over by the Jokers, and you have to play as that girl, the only one who dares to fight alone with the others. Troops of joker are always waiting to confront you everywhere, so players should be alert not to be caught by surprise. In addition, players will be able to participate in highly thrilling tight guillotine games. Show your fighting skills to avoid the jokers blocking your way.

Slash & Girl – Endless Run Slash & Girl – Endless Run


Amazingly, Slash & Girl always provides players with many different levels of play that make players immerse themselves in thrilling battles when facing the jokers. Moreover, to help players have the best playing experience, the game has added some mechanics to make it easier for you to control battles. It can be said that the gameplay is straightforward; players only need to control one hand easily to cut and slash the opponent.


In Slash & Girl, it is designed in the form of a scrolling platform, players will find a circular joypad in the bottom left corner of the screen to navigate and two function buttons to control the character to jump and slide. However, through each level, the player will have to go through different greats and gradually increase obstacles. Therefore, players should avoid complicated obstacles or try to pass them safely. Unfortunately, if the player is killed, the player will lose a turn and be sent back to the position before the defeat rather than playing from the beginning.

Slash & Girl – Endless Run Slash & Girl – Endless Run


Besides, the player needs to control the speed during the game when the player faces dangerous enemies. Unlike previous games, players will be able to participate in the unique Fever game mode to experience exciting battles. Moreover, it is an action game, but the player is shown the fashion style for the character, and players are allowed to choose their own costumes according to their preferences. Not stopping there, the game also provides a diverse weapon system for players to use to face the jokers.

In short, the features mentioned above have proven that this game is exceptionally suitable for gamers who love action game genres. Through the game, you have more experiences that are more enjoyable.


  • The game offers players to enjoy super-class 3D HD graphics for you always to have fresh and fun gameplay and experience super smooth and sharp animations.
  • As the latest version for players to experience exciting levels, making players dive into the endless and unlimited fun of this game.
  • In the story mode, the player will have to join the character Dori to make every way to escape the pursuit of the Jokers and bring peace to humanity.
  • Super smooth control system for players to efficiently use, especially players can manipulate one finger to control their character to overcome different obstacles.
  • Allows players to engage with multiple game modes with different goals and customize different outfits, suits, and weapons as you want for the best experience.

Slash and Girl v1.99.8.5002 MOD APK (God Mode) Download

Download (84M)

Download (84M)

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