Download Sleep as Android v20230303 APK + MOD (Premium Unlocked)

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Sleep as Android v20230303 APK + MOD (Premium Unlocked)

Sleep as Android will be a valuable tool to replace the old method alarm clock. You can use the application to monitor sleep as well as order modern alarms.

Are you scared every time you hear the alarm ringtone? Or do you also want to know how many hours you sleep? Sleep as Android was born to serve all those needs of users. This scientific application is receiving a lot of compliments as well as valuable contributions from users. More specifically, users will always see innovations and useful features added to the application to serve our significant needs.

Sleep as Android: Sleep cycle alarm

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The app is known for being a modern alarm clock. Unlike other ordinary clocks, now the alarm clock is greatly improved. More remarkable is that users flexibly edit the attractive time, and users can be assured of the accuracy in this feature.


The lightest alarm application possible makes the user feel more excited every time he wakes up. Users often worry that the alarm sound of other clocks makes you feel very uncomfortable, constantly annoying you. But Sleep as Android has dramatically improved so that the alarm sound does not disturb you, but it will help your nerves usually work.

Sleep as Android: Sleep cycle alarm Sleep as Android: Sleep cycle alarm


The application stops at the alarm aspect and helps users measure their sleep indicators. The application is always updated exactly every minute of every day for users to see clearly. More specifically, the application always gives additional indicators to help monitor your health status.


The application has a prominent feature that reminds you to go to bed on time. After you set the bedtime, the application immediately relies on it to perform. The reminder can be a friendly ringtone, or it can also be a compelling message. The application will not miss and notify you until you turn off your phone and fall asleep.


The app can also detect your snoring effectively. The application helps you measure your breathing rate and detect snoring for every minute you sleep. After you wake up, those stats are sorted and immediately displayed for you to understand. Sleep analysis so you can see clearly how your sleep is and whether it affects your health or not.

Sleep as Android: Sleep cycle alarm Sleep as Android: Sleep cycle alarm


We will sometimes encounter some problems in sleep such as fast breathing, loud snoring, etc. Alarm features are also included in the application to serve the needs of users. More specifically, the ability to the timely alarm will help you adjust your sleep or take timely preventive measures. The application also always adds new alarm capabilities to help you sleep.


The application will be very comfortable when allowing users to use fixed ringtones or as they like. If you use a fixed ringtone, there are a variety of exciting ringtones for you to choose from such as whale sounds, flowing streams, etc. If you use custom ringtones, you can add them yourself. Your ability to analyze consciousness in your sleep is also emphasized and strongly developed.


  • The main application is a modern alarm clock that helps users wake up in the freshest fruit state.
  • Calculate your sleep and come up with compelling data about the user’s sleep.
  • Always wakes you up very gently and feels comfortable for all users as well as awakens the working nerves.
  • Gives health indicators and always reminds you to sleep enough hours compared to the available scientific regulations.
  • Detect your snoring, record all your sleep metrics, and organize them into a scoreboard.
  • Supports both attached wearable devices and quickly connects to that device to create trust for users.

Sleep as Android v20230303 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) Download

Download (40M)

Download (40M)

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