Download SLING: Live TV, Shows & Movies v9.0.77429 APK (Latest)

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SLING: Live TV, Shows & Movies v9.0.77429 APK (Latest)

SLING is a collection of entertainment channels with various genres and supports more than 22 different languages. It can be said that this is an application that brings experiences suitable for many different ages.

SLING is an app that provides an impressive source of entertainment that no one can ignore. You can catch up on the news every morning or follow the sport you like. At the same time, you can also watch movies with your family or discover new ways of living. In addition, there will always be programs suitable for children and apps that can be used on multiple platforms and support multiple languages.

SLING: Live TV, Shows & Movies SLING: Live TV, Shows & Movies


In SLING, users will be able to find an endless source of entertainment with a variety of unique content that you can find easily. You can keep up with the news, watch your favorite athletes’ sports matches or even let your kids watch their age-appropriate content. So, it can be seen as an application that any user should use to enjoy what it can bring to them.

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Once you start using SLING, you will surely find your favorite shows with absolute ease easily. Specifically, you can perform your search using purely essential keywords that you know or take advantage of the list of programs that the application supports. It will categorize programs with different characteristics and provide recommendations to users. So, after a while of searching, you may have an option for yourself.


The first type of programming that any user will not miss in SLING is the news channels that they can find. Specifically, you can easily find famous news channels such as CNN, Fox News, CNBC, and many others to update important information daily. In addition, channels like ESPN, ESPN 2 are suitable options for those who love sports and have an amazing time with the sport they like.

SLING: Live TV, Shows & Movies SLING: Live TV, Shows & Movies


Besides news and sports, you also find several other sources of entertainment in SLING that you can enjoy with your family. The number of movies and shows are waiting for you to watch and, of course, the wonderful relaxing moment while enjoying a blockbuster with others. Also, the right programs can bring you new recipes to cook for your family for those who love to cook.


The above programs are suitable for adults, and the app also supports children’s ages with corresponding programs like Disney. It also helps you make more appropriate choices when it comes to letting your kids have the right entertainment time while watching Cartoon Network.


If you love watching a TV show and want to watch your favorite channels when there is an internet, you do not worry as the application supports many platforms and devices. You can download the app to your smartphone or tablet and lie down comfortably to enjoy. At the same time, after some time working, the PC platform will help you find joy right after. In addition, you can also see instructions for downloading the application on the smart TVs you have. It supports more than 22 different languages.

SLING: Live TV, Shows & Movies SLING: Live TV, Shows & Movies

Users will be impressed with a diverse number of programs that the application offers:

  • This is a source of entertainment in various genres and languages when users can easily find the program they like.
  • They can find many popular news channels that can be watched daily or watch exciting sports matches with their favorite athletes.
  • You can also discover many movies, entertainment, lifestyle programs to watch with your family any time you want.
  • The application also provides children with appropriate programs such as Disney, Cartoon Network and helps parents manage content quickly.
  • You can watch these programs on any platform you want; the application can even be installed on smart TV.

SLING: Live TV, Shows & Movies v9.0.77429 APK (Latest) Download

Download (35M)

Download (35M)

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