Download Smart Tools – Utilities v20.4 APK + MOD (Pro Unlocked)

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Smart Tools – Utilities v20.4 APK + MOD (Pro Unlocked)



A set of utility tools to assist you in dozens of different jobs – Smart Tools – Utilities. This is dubbed the versatile assistant that any user needs to own in the phone. It will help you measure tasks or even remind you to do some specific tasks. Countless diverse utilities that you cannot ignore when coming to this application. With just one small application, you have almost everything at hand – a unique combo box of supporting tools.

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Smart Tools – Utilities


If you are a manual worker, this is definitely a tool you cannot ignore. It can help you in a few factors, such as supporting light to shine into dark spaces when working. You can also use the application to measure short lengths with the support of rulers. In addition, the user can recognize his or her surrounding laser readings from the app. What’s more, the application will assist you in measuring angles with an accurate protractor.


This is not only a tool to support measuring a specific job, but Smart Tools – Utilities also aggregates up to 40 different jobs. With this application, you are such a versatile helper who can help you in every measurement. Measuring the sound level of the surrounding environment can help you recognize the impact of noise on your life. This app will also help you to identify readings like altitude or thermometer, and much more…

Smart Tools – Utilities Smart Tools – Utilities


It’s handy how much you can do with this one app. Other things like users can use this application as a calculation aid. With calculation work that requires agility and accuracy, now you have this application to help. In addition, it is known that this application also supports users in converting currencies between countries. Not only that, but this application also enables you to convert the parameters to different units.


Innovative Tools – Utilities is like a companion for every home, supporting users in off-the-shelf work. Through the application, users can use it in their daily personal life. Use it to track your route along with counting your steps. In addition, thanks to the application, you can also track the indicators of your body. Just by entering enough initial information, you can know the change of your body day by day.

Smart Tools – Utilities Smart Tools – Utilities Smart Tools – Utilities


– Assist users with jobs such as carpentry or construction work.
– Provide enough tools for manual work such as protractor or lighting system.
– Convert coefficients of different units and support currency conversion.
– WhatsUp users measure the parameters of life around as temperature or noise …
– Counting steps and monitoring the parameters of body mass index.

Smart Tools – Utilities v20.4 APK + MOD (Pro Unlocked) Download

Download (7.9M)

Download (7.9M)

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