Download Smash Blocks v1.50.0403 MOD APK (Unlimited Boosters)

Smash Blocks Mod APK allows you to lead a strong army together to infiltrate the world of brains to defeat viruses and news. This evenly matched battle is creating features that you must observe.

Smash Blocks creates fun and drama when launching the most accurate directions. This entertaining game creates true wars, and your side has to try to destroy as many viruses as possible. Even more interesting is that the game will also give you a powerful fleet and a large number of new forces that can create glorious victories. Show your bravery and ability in this battle.

Smash Blocks Smash Blocks

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First, you must know that the virus systems and hackers develop strongly, and they are looking to occupy the brain area. So your job now will have to perform a powerful upgrade and build the most powerful army. This is really necessary because only with such perfect planning can you strike back. It would help if you pointed out the most accurate directions to implement and create motivation. An ideal plan will help you come up with the most effective solutions in critical situations.

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Your task now is to bring the army as well as the support fleet into the important headquarters system. Here you will be overwhelmed because so many viruses are attacking as well as hackers raging. So you have to send troops to defeat them to keep important information. Migrating important information and data to new systems is a matter of urgency, and the plan must be implemented as quickly as possible to reduce their ability to receive information.


We need to do barricades from the entrance to keep our troops from wasting more. Most of the viruses will be concentrated in clusters, and you can use weapons to destroy them as quickly as possible. Moreover, you should also add the most powerful military forces and an extensive range of weapons. Players also need to set up the most significant defense in the game to create big wins in the critical brain system.

Smash Blocks Smash Blocks


  • Possessing a large number of troops and the growth of defensive fleets, we will enter the challenge together.
  • Defeating thousands of viruses, hackers attack our brains and root out the bad guys who want to exploit information.
  • Move essential information sources to a more robust system to avoid enemy snooping.
  • Perform upgrades and add more troops to create equal combat levels.
  • Send a fleet strong enough to withstand such attacks and capture the current critical situation.

Smash Blocks v1.50.0403 MOD APK (Unlimited Boosters) Download

Download (129M)

Download (129M)

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