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Smashers.io is a fun battle royale game that sends players into hilarious arena battles armed with a giant hammer to smash everything and powerful enemies you are facing.

Smashers.io is one of the new games that many players have known in recent times. Similar to other fighting games, this game brings the battle royale trend for players to participate in fun levels. When participating in the game, the player will be equipped with a giant hammer to advance to face all different types of enemies and defeat them. Besides, the game has quite simple gameplay for you to experience straightforwardly.

Smashers.io – Fun io games Smashers.io – Fun io games

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As one of the io game genres, Smashers.io has become a favorite game for many players for fun. As for this game, this is a casual game where you play as a stickman character possessing a giant hammer to face many powerful opponents in different levels. In the game, your main goal is to move around different areas to intercept opponents who are trying to destroy you. Overall, this battle royale game has unique gameplay but becomes addicted. The entire control mechanism in the game is extremely intuitive and easy because it is designed in a sharp 3D graphic style.

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Initially participating in the game, players will be familiar with simple levels of play with light enemies. However, after going through a few levels later, the challenge level will increase quickly, making you unable to keep up. It can be said that Smashers.io just let the player move his finger around the screen to move his character, then get close to the battle target.

The player will have to make a life fight and survive with opponents to take them down by repeatedly hitting the screen to use techniques. Besides, after your target has been destroyed, you will be restored by a powerful amount of power-ups to make your health stronger. However, the player will also have to deal with large enemies that will cost you a lot of energy to fight them. Therefore, players should protect themselves during these attacks.

Smashers.io – Fun io games


Similar to other games, Smashers.io will provide players with a diverse weapon system of different types. Most of the time, you will own some type, such as a large lollipop, a pan, fork, baseball bat, plunger, and some other powerful weapons. However, the giant hammer has always been the most crucial weapon containing the most power for players to use to fight powerful enemies to protect themselves in attacks and save time.

The hammers will all have different uses, so players should choose the right weapon in the process of participating in fighting with the enemy. However, the most important thing is that players should intelligently combine different weapons and different costumes to create the best levels.


In any case, players should take precautions and be wary of other players to protect their lives. After the enemy appears, all you need to do is tap the screen to swing the hammer to knock the opponent down. Besides, after each successful defeat of the enemy, players will be able to absorb a lot of power, even unlocking more different weapons. Fight hard to smash the players on the battlefield to become the strongest. Being the smash hero is a good chance for you to get more valuable rewards while using the items.

In short, this game has brought a wonderful survival-style playground for players to enjoy exciting and addictive rounds. Besides, players will have more opportunities to experience other things using the giant hammer to become the winner.

Smashers.io – Fun io games Smashers.io – Fun io games


  • It is a fun battle royale sledgehammer battle-style game for players to participate in unique levels and show off their talents through the levels.
  • The stickman role-playing game fights with other players in online and offline modes for players to join the game anytime, anywhere.
  • Support players with different costumes and powerful weapons, a variety of weapons with different powers to smash everything around in the fight.
  • Use the giant hammer and combine it with many techniques to fight enemies on more difficult levels, win levels and collect attractive rewards.
  • Customize your character to stand out more, become a winner, earn a lot of money to unlock new resources.

Smashers.io v4.4 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download

Download (75M)

Download (75M)

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