Download Solitaire Farm Village v1.12.34 MOD APK (Free Shopping)

Solitaire Farm Village Mod APK is not only an exciting card game, but here, players will win parts and collect rewards from redecorating the village.

It is a unique game that will attract you at first sight – Solitaire Farm Village. This is not just a simple card game, through which players will try to win through challenges and collect rewards. You can use rewards like products to decorate and repair your village. This game will have many unique game modes, and make sure everything will be new to you. More specifically, you will experience many new features corresponding to that holiday every holiday.

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Christmas is one of the most significant events of the year; around this time, family members will gather and hold grand parties to welcome a new year. And in this game, too, you will experience exciting, challenging events to celebrate Christmas together. In particular, the reward during the holiday will increase many times. In particular, players can collect and exchange gifts with other gamers during this holiday.

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Solitaire Farm Village Solitaire Farm Village


You won’t be able to imagine what there is in Solitaire Farm Village. It’s definitely amazing things that you’ve never experienced before. And when you come to this game, you will experience an exciting card game with complicated rules. Players will admire four basic game modes that correspond to a game mode that is a different challenge. There are four games in all: Klondike, Spider, Pyramid, and finally Freecell.


This is a card game combined with farm building, where you can both have fun and make quick money. When coming to this game, you have to prepare many good strategies to win the games, and the rest is to find ways to develop your farm. In order for them to grow, the player must take care of and care for the products on the farm, such as learning how to grow food crops or take care of different animals.

Solitaire Farm Village Solitaire Farm Village


Players can make money when they win the games, but that’s just one of the foreign currency earnings when coming to Solitaire Farm Village. In addition, you can get money knowing how to develop your farm correctly. That’s when you come up with strategies to collect items to be able to build many buildings for your village. For each building you build, you can receive the corresponding amount.


  • Four basic game modes correspond to 4 card games, bringing many different rules.
  • Decorate and upgrade your farm every day, refresh them and adopt more animals.
  • Making money is easy with building construction on the farm, building one building to collect the corresponding amount.
  • Design yourself a deck with a unique color that no one can duplicate.
  • The bonus amount will be increased when you create many good combos in hand.

Solitaire Farm Village v1.12.34 MOD APK (Free Shopping) Download

Download (178M)

Download (178M)

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