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Solo Knight takes you to a dangerous underworld with monsters constantly appearing on floors. You will use the weapons you collect to survive, and runes will increase the effectiveness of the equipment.

Solo Knight is a hack-and-slash game where the player assumes the role of a character who unexpectedly falls into an underworld where monsters are always looking for prey. Players will use their weapons to destroy them and collect items that can drop. At the same time, each weapon hides an impressive skill that can be improved, and runes will increase the effectiveness of these weapons to help you fight mighty bosses.

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Solo Knight


The story begins when a strange character moves through a cold, snowy night in Solo Knight and returns to meet his nephew. The nephew is the main character that you will control and receive information about Max’s scroll and important location to go. During the search, the two found enemies, and after defeating them, they, unfortunately, fell into a deep underground area. Of course, this is not a completely safe place as they think.

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Here, many monsters are entities with different shapes that exist inside the darkness, and of course, their goal is to find delicious prey to attack at any time. So, our main character will try to survive through many different locations; the uncle character will provide useful information so that players can survive well in the game. There will certainly be many things you will need to take care of.

Solo Knight


When you start Solo Knight, for sure, you will get used to the attack mechanism of this game and when the character will automatically attack the surrounding opponents. At the same time, the character is still subject to your navigation and moves freely to the positions you desire. Each floor will have a space for you to explore, and of course, monsters also begin to appear and require you to take time to destroy them to go to another floor.

Manually attacking, unlike in the experience of the game’s mechanics, is inappropriate, and over time the first items will also appear. Although not powerful, they will help you survive well against many enemies that constantly approach. An impressive feature of the equipment you own is that they all have a unique ability, and of course, they will be able to click on the weapon icon to activate this ability.

One point worth noting is that you will automatically push down to the next floor when you have defeated all the monsters on a floor. Therefore, the number of enemies will constantly increase and threaten your safety, and especially, some floors will contain bosses that you must overcome. You have a variety of strategies to choose from, and a helpful option you might consider is using the wand you get early in the game to summon allies and reduce damage taken.

Solo Knight


The battles in Solo Knight are completely determined by strength and tactics, so you will need to increase your strength quickly. Specifically, you will be able to collect many different items from equipping yourself in addition to the weapon you are using. They can appear on different floors or in the bonus drops from the bosses you kill, and their color determines the quality of weapons.

The higher the quality, the greater the number of stats that can be added to you, so finding it will be a long journey. With the skill’s mechanic, you can find many impressive skills corresponding to each item, and you will get familiar with the concept of runes in the process of increasing power. Runes are considered a handy tool and come with your equipment, and their effectiveness will help the skills of the equipment work more effectively.

Solo Knight

The player will go to the dangerous area filled with dangers and monsters:

  • The game’s story begins when the main character and their uncle search for the location marked in a paper and suddenly fall into the underworld area.
  • In this area, monsters constantly appear and make players have to find a way to defend themselves, and of course, this area has an unpredictable size.
  • Weapons will help you in different situations because they can be activated to unleash impressive skills that you cannot ignore.
  • You will be teleported to the next floor when you complete a floor, and sure enough, powerful monsters like bosses will appear.
  • Equipment with different qualities will appear before your eyes, and you will use runes to bring out their full power.

Solo Knight v1.1.396 APK (Latest) Download

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Download (350M)

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