Download Soul Hook – RPG Battle v1.6 MOD APK (Free Purchase)

Play Soul Hook Mod APK, you can ascend to the position of Soul King of all monsters in the world.

You can show off your gaming skills in Soul Hook. Mastering Soul Battle necessitates quick hand-eye coordination and the ability to predict the enemy’s next move. Players will take command of their armies and lead them to victory to become the Soul of the world’s monsters.

This game will eventually have three distinct game modes. In the “Around the World” mode, players are randomly assigned to rival teams. Only when all enemies’ souls are captured will the global war be declared a success. So put your extraordinary gaming skills to the test with Soul Hook – RPG Battle. This is your chance to show off your gaming skills. To win a Soul Battle, you must be a master of the controls and have a keen sense of your opponent’s next move. Players will have control over their armies and the generals who lead those armies as they compete to become the Soul King of the world monster.

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Players can choose between three distinct modes as soon as Soul Hook – RPG Battle is released. In the “Around the World” game mode, players are randomly assigned to one of several competing teams. There can be no final declaration of victory in the global war until all enemies’ souls have been taken. You must have the exceptional skill to win in “1 VS All” mode and obtain the souls of all opposing players. You alone can win this game mode and defeat your opponents. Nobody else is capable of completing the task. You’ll get all of them if you put on a good show. By selecting “Team Versus,” you will compete against other players’ teams. Each team must score as many points as possible if they are to have a chance of winning. The difference in points between the competing teams will determine the challenge winner. The winning team will have the highest cumulative score at the end of the competition.

Soul Hook – RPG Battle v1.6 MOD APK (Free Purchase) Download

Download (94M)

Download (94M)

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