Download Spider Fighter MOD APK v1.27.0 (Dumb Ennemies, Unlimited Money)

Spider Hero: Super Fighter Mod APK assigns you to control the superhero spider to save the city. Your opponents are hundreds of criminal villains running rampant with supernatural strength

If you have always had the desire to become a super spider, then Spider Hero is the right choice for you. The player is given a magical, special superhuman ability that gives you unique features. Along with that are the skills to help you add maximum strength. Confronting you are top crime bosses with ambitions to dominate the city. Players seem to be immersed in going back to the past with the legendary Spider-Man superhero storyline for a while.

Spider Hero: Super Fighter

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At first, a player is just an ordinary man, but an event changes your whole mission. That is, you are bitten by a spider accidentally, and radioactive material has started to spread and cause mutations in your body. An unexpected thing happened, you did not die, but on the contrary, the magical superpower was activated in yourself, including the superhuman ability with the sixth sense. This helps players know the immediate dangers to build a strategy to fight back quickly.

Spider Hero: Super Fighter


Not stopping there, Spider Hero also gives players awe-inspiring abilities. You are added with excellent fighting skills in addition to the fast running speed that is hard for anyone to keep up with. Heroic agility has been incorporated into this Spider-Man superhero. Not only that but you are also provided with special additional equipment to increase the maximum strength of Spider-Man.


They are appearing before your eyes are the top criminals of this city. They became as cruel as they are now because of a mistake in the laboratory. Quite similar to the superheroes in the world of Spider Hero, scientific accidents or even a small mistake in the use of scientific technology have also caused world-shaking mistakes. As a result, criminals confronting Spider-Man began to appear. They want to occupy the entire territory of this city and destroy all the superheroes that are in the way.

Spider Hero: Super Fighter


In this city where there are also humans, you can craft super special techniques, and its power has added to their strength to deal with the mafia threatening the city. At Spider Hero, the police force inherently carries the task of finding justice for society; now, they have been transformed into bad guys. In addition, the military force is no exception, and it causes a lot of misunderstandings and wars.


You can now take possession of your Spider-Man superhero and officially move it across its journey, causing melee attacks in the colors of epic superpowers. Spider Hero was born as a gift for fans of comic books since childhood. You appear with unpredictable actions that are an attraction for opponents and help you gain experience quickly.

Spider Hero: Super Fighter


Not stopping there, we also give players the ability to collect cash right on the battlefield. Hurry up and grab the unique opportunity to grab as much as you can. When the amount reaches a specific limit, players will receive keys to unlock hundreds of impressive new perks. Besides, the passive and active superpowers make you a superhero that everyone must fear.

– Transform into the superhero Spider-Man.
– Possessing hundreds of extraordinary superpowers along with a unique sixth sense.
– Your opponents are the world’s top super-criminals.
– This is a lesson about mistakes in scientific research in the laboratory.
– Immerse yourself in the world of superhero fairy tales without limits from childhood.

Spider Fighter v1.27.0 MOD APK (Dumb Ennemies, Unlimited Money) Download

Download (165M)

Download (165M)

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