Download Star Stable Horses v2.91.0 MOD APK (Free Cost, Unlimited Apple)

Star Stable Horses Mod APK – Dress up your horses in the brand-new Beauty Salon! Care for your very own cute foal and watch as they grow into magnificent horses you may ride, breed.

Do you enjoy riding horses and raising them, and watching them grow? Then, introducing the game Star Stable Horses to enjoy thousands of other players on exciting adventures, compete in races and take care of your horses on your farm well and solve interesting challenges in the game.

Star Stable Horses

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Welcome the adorable Gotland Dwarf to your farm to take care of. Players will be allowed to choose for themselves a horse like that and take care of them growing up.
You will create and name your character and horse, then complete your horse breeding quests and watch your horse grow. There are over 15 horse breeds offered by the game to choose from.

See if your pony has grown and become a beautiful horse with the color of your choice, you can ride it to enjoy horseback adventures. The horse’s and riders’ moves are described very honestly; the scenery and surrounding noise make you feel like real life. Games suitable for many ages, playable for children.

Star Stable Horses


You are allowed up to 5 horses in your barn. Owning ponies and keeping them helps you to have more fun, reduce the stress in life. Also, it’s peaceful to watch your horses play together in the yard.

Your horse will grow, and you can share a beautiful image of it with your friends in the game by taking a photo of it in the app, saving yourself sweet memories when your horses can multiply. Then, you can trade them with other players or sell them.

Star Stable Horses


Coming to Star Stable Horses, you can interact and make friends with people who love horses in the world. Share adventures with 17 levels of play and the mysteries of participating in the game. Join the exciting and thrilling races.

Chat is a way for players to communicate and make friends. To add more fun, creativity for users to enjoy more when immersing in the character and with friends to experience more interesting things.

Star Stable Horses


The game provides players with a learning and development environment through problem-solving, imagination, and responsibility with their horses. When you are assigned tasks and tasks, you will use your skills to solve the problem. Also, when you talk to characters and other players will help you improve your communication skills. Furthermore, you learn how to take care of a horse from small to large and how to take care of and manage it. Finally, earning a horse and winning races helps to increase your sense of responsibility and money management.

Star Stable Horses

Star Stable Horses is a real entertainment game for you when you are a lover of animals. This online game will make you love the first time you play; create your own; we will update many new horses and game content regularly, not to disappoint you when participating. No longer difficult when you want to raise a horse without the time or conditions, downloading the game will help you achieve this desire.


  • Carry out entertaining activities on a regular basis to maintain your foal’s good health and contentment.
  • Enjoy the process of seeing your newborn foal grow into a beautiful horse.
  • In the Beauty Salon, you may accessorize ponies with bows.
  • Your own own horse stable may accommodate up to eleven horses at a time.
  • Watch as your horses interact with one another and have fun in the paddock!
  • Pick the horse breed and coloration that best suits you!
  • Exclusive Coat Colors Available Only Via the App!
  • Frequent additions of new horses and other material to the game!

Star Stable Horses v2.91.0 MOD APK (Free Cost, Unlimited Apple) Download

Download (126M)

Download (126M)

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