Download Station 117 v1.0.1 APK (Full Game Unlocked)

The mystery-solving action game Station 117 is played with a point-and-click interface.

In Station 117, you’ll embark on an adventure to explore the dangerous ocean’s uncharted depths. The game’s action occurs at the ocean’s bottom in a top-secret research facility. The Pacific Ocean’s depths. Station 117’s mysterious mission ended abruptly when a problem arose, and no one was seen there.

If you go to Station 117, you can pretend to be Franklin Gates, a brilliant man who is also a billionaire and a playboy who is very interested in the sea. Have you been wondering what went wrong? What caused the demise of this once-promising research facility? Frankland came here on his initiative, determined to solve the mystery. Everything that happens during gameplay is constrained by the physical environment of the game. On the other hand, this is a large structure with various laboratories. Each room presents you with a distinct set of challenges to overcome, and each room stands on its own. The players have access to several tools that allow them to investigate each crack at their own pace.

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The game’s visuals are striking and vibrant despite taking place against a deep sea backdrop and using highly polished 3D graphics. The music effects are well-integrated, contributing to an undeniably alluring sense of high tension. There has recently been a slew of new releases in the popular Point ‘n’ Click puzzle genre. Despite this, there aren’t many memorable titles out there. One of these, particularly, has seen significant success: The Room. The gameplay of Station 117 is identical to that of The Room. Station 117’s gameplay is extremely simple, even for a Point ‘n’ Click game, requiring only the touch or swipe of a finger. There are puzzles of varying difficulty strewn about the room. The puzzle will put the players’ “minds” to the ultimate test. A puzzle’s pieces are always near one another. To solve a puzzle, you must use both deductive and inductive reasoning.

Station 117 v1.0.1 APK (Full Game Unlocked) Download

Download (360M)

Download (360M)

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