Download Stick Cricket Super League v1.9.0 MOD APK (Unlimited All Resources)

Stick Cricket Super League Mod APK – As a top franchise player, manage your mobile cricket game career and T20 cricket squad.

Join forces with well-known industry figures. As the captain of a Twenty20 cricket team, win the Stick Cricket Super League. You can run your Twenty20 team and play as a top-tier franchise player if you’re skilled enough at a mobile cricket game. The Stick Cricket Super League is the next level of competition following the Stick Cricket Premier League, allowing cricket fans to experience the sport.

You can develop and customize your character before putting him or her into the T20 cricket battlefield. You can accessorize your hair and accessories in various ways, making you the ideal cricket superstar. Cities from all around the world compete in a cricket tournament in this league. The Big Bash League and the Indian Premier League are not included… No other cricket league or competition compares to the Twenty20 format. Take command of your favorite cricket team and lead them to victory in this year’s World Cup. Bringing in some real cricketers will give your team a major boost. Contact the world’s top cricket players and negotiate seasonal contracts with them.

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Play can begin as soon as the cap is put on. A six will get you bonus points and light up the stadium’s fireworks in the spirit of Stick Cricket. Choose your starting XI, hoping for a lucky coin toss, and then allocate batting and bowling tasks. All captaincy decisions will be fully up to you. You would be the most renowned person in the world right now if you were a cricket player. Are you tired of knocking pins down with your ball or seeing your team run over the opposing team’s bowlers? Reach the bottom of the ninth inning as soon as possible. Career and season information can be utilized to track your progress. One must first deserve such honor to be eligible for medals, trophies, and other awards. Develop yourself till you reach the pinnacle of achievement. Captain, start the engines!

Stick Cricket Super League v1.9.0 MOD APK (Unlimited All Resources) Download

Download (40M)

Download (40M)

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